Deep dispatch #1: Magic

I’m Zil Zalo. I’m on a six month circumnavigation of the galaxy, for reasons I can’t explain. Deep Dispatch will be my messages to where/whoever, in which I’ll try to figure it out.  I’m so far from home that being nowhere is home. But let’s keep in touch. You’re my fixed line, my breadcrumb trail, my umbilical tribe.


ggs and srv

Sometimes it’s close to magic. That heady state; a combination of transcendence, calmness, and reverence. A solar flare licks at the inkdark void. Hunks of embedded base metal glint dully from an asteroid tumbling a little too close. A water world hangs impossibly in the firmament like a bauble once marvelled at as a child, in another life.

But mostly it’s routine. The repetition of manoeuvres designed to keep you moving onward. Jump, honk, scoop, scan. Repeat. You have somewhere to be. You have nowhere to be. On a good day it’s like meditation. Another day it’s mere chore. You continue because – well, this is what you do. You move on, always. The beauty is in never knowing when the switch will click and a sudden sight will stop your heart.

So you chase them,
those moments.
it’s close
to magic. Sometimes
magic is close
to nothing at all.

~ Zil Zalo




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