Today, the 22nd August, marks the launch of the first dedicated communications hub for the society growing up around Jaques Station in the Colonia Nebula. The Colonia Citizens Network (CCN) has been established to serve as a meeting place for all those who would live and work in humanity’s new outpost.

The CCN is the brainchild of notable explorer Erimus Kamzel, one of the organisers of the Distant Worlds Expedition. From this seed of an idea many more specialists were brought on board to develop the various technical aspects of the undertaking, which represents several weeks’ worth of work.

It is hoped that the CCN will help foster the sense of community and group effort needed to build a whole new society.

Erimus had this to say on the evening before the launch:

“My hope for the CCN is that it becomes as strong a community as FleetComm did during Distant Worlds, with all its members and visitors working together toward the common goal – building a strong community spirit that transfers over into the game itself. The ultimate aim of CCN is to give players a colonial identity that they are proud to be a part of, protect, and see grow as the Colony infrastructure grows.”

The launch of the CCN also represents the birth of the Colonia Gazette, the Colony’s first newspaper. Created by an initial editorial team of four, the Gazette will bring you Colony news, entertainment, commentary, the latest scientific breakthroughs, updates on the ongoing mapping project, interviews with notable colonists and more.

Contributions from colonists will be welcome – if you’d like to submit a contribution, please get in touch with the editorial team via the CCN or click here.

-Cmdr Souvarine


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