In an unexpected move today, GalCop have pledged their support and protection to the fledgling colony surrounding Jaques Station.

Kermit Laphroaig, spokesperson for the group, had this to say about the decision:

“The old worlds of the old GalCop are now the Alliance, and GalCop has no desire to change that – the Alliance is a fine successor to the spirit of GalCop. Colonia provides an excellent opportunity to begin GalCop’s colonization initiative, far away from outside influences and the politics of ancient grudges. There’s certainly plenty of room and an absurd number of resources to share. However, GalCop doesn’t want to impose on our neighbors, and respects the sovereignty of Colonia. To that end, we want to defend Colonia as a whole.”

GalCop drew widespread support and recognition recently following their involvement with the Dangerous Games events. A name with a venerable history, the reborn GalCop can trace its lineage to an alliance between the East India Company and several privateer organisations like the Diamond Frogs. In a genesis reminiscent of the founding of the original GalCop – the precursor to the Alliance of Independent Systems – GalCop initially began as a trading alliance.

GalCop have agreed to support the Colony’s own Colonia Militia in safeguarding the freedom and independence of the new society. The two forces will be coordinating across many areas and it’s thought that joint training exercises will commence soon.

Explorers and colonists are likely to fly that little bit safer following the news that they have new allies out there in the black.

-Cmdr Souvarine


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