Deep dispatch #2: Q&A

The question seems simple. Once, it is said, there was a philosophy examination question that read simply, “Why?”. To which one student received top marks by replying, “Why not?”. Of course, it’s not as simple as that. Why do I explore? Why do I fly so far? “Why not?” – not an answer. “Because I can” – not an answer. But before the answer, or the question, I must get the description right.

Wanderlust. Is that it? A desire to travel. I’m not sure that’s enough. Desire is something you want – maybe badly, but it’s a choice. I desire a bath, a Cajun Chicken wrap, to listen to Basinski far too long and too loudly. No, to explore the galaxy; this is something more.

“Lust” doesn’t address the compulsion. Instead, another German word “sucht” gets closer – it means “investigated”. But if you capitalise it to “Sucht”, you make it a noun. It translates as “addiction”. Somewhere in between those phrases, held in a trinary orbit, is, if not the answer, at least the beginnings of one.


~ Zil Zalo


ringed neutron hd 78344




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