Deep dispatch #3: Snapshots

On long journeys, your mind begins to gnaw upon itself. Observations come into view then fade, like the systems scanned. Snapshots; fractured occurrences –

The roiling dust clouds below are both the softest baby’s blanket or a cellarful of tentacles. I look above them to all that clean emptiness, and I can almost remember what the wind tastes like.

What am I running for? To travel far enough to find myself, of course. Inside myself. To achieve a kind of inner peace through perpetual motion. Eventually I hope to discover that I was here all along.

But most days I don’t approach enlightenment. I just approach waypoints. Which is nearly enough to keep me cheerful. Nearly.

I am briefly amused by the irony of craving solitude, out here in the dark, while at the same time desperate to tell everybody about it.

And now! Suddenly! For the first time in fifteen thousand light years, a tagged system. Other eyes than mine have seen these heavens. Family in the infinite darkness. Kin I’ll never know and always remember.

~ Zil Zalo




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