Cartography Report: Issuance 1 : EOL PROU OH-V D2-34

Welcome to the Cartography Report, an assortment of tourist destinations and important solar systems surrounding Jaques Station, as well as the path from the human-inhabited bubble to our very own Colonia Nebula.


Distance from Jaques : 231.71 LY

The C-N Class star of Gammel (EOL PROU OH-V D2-34) rests a mere 231.71 light years from Jaques station.  On first entry to the system visitors will find themselves facing the central star of Gammel – the slow burning Carbon Star presenting no chance for pilots to refuel – however the orbiting class M star of Gammel B is a mere 2,000 light seconds away.


Unfortunately for pilots, none of Gammel’s planets are near Gammel; the nearest being the Icy Body of Gammel AB 1 which orbits at a wide 47,081.39 light seconds.  However, its two-toned surface seems to mirror the galactic plane, providing an amazing sight for those willing to make the trip and visit the lonely Icy Body.


Gammel C and D provide better rewards.  For those willing to make the trek across the 324,402 LS gap, they will find a plethora of Metal Rich and High Metal Content Worlds rich in rare synthesis materials, including those needed for FSD boosts.  Gammel D 3 is also a candidate for Terraforming, potentially indicating a future for the solar system with planetary mining companies setting up bases in the area.

Signing out – CMDR Alesia, CCN Exploration Wing


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