After hearing that the lucky colonists were already looking forward to their first Colony-wide event, the Gazette got in touch with the brains behind it – Cmdr Mosta.

Many colonists will be familiar with Mosta from his part in the previous expedition to Jaques, in which his organisational abilities were highly valued. We caught up with him to discuss his role in the community, what’s in store for colonists in the future and the big race this weekend.


Gazette: So, Mosta. Thanks for coming to talk to the Gazette! We’ve heard that your team have been busy planning the first event for the Colonists to take part in and we’d love to hear more about that. But firstly, it would be great to hear a little more about you. How did you come to be the head of the events team at Jaques?

Mosta: Long story short: not too long ago there was an expedition to Jaques, back when it was first found. I have never had much contact with other pilots before, but I was interested once I heard there was going to be an expedition there. I had been to Jaques once already but after asking Felicity Farseer to modify my exploration ship I was itching to test it on a long range mission.

I was hoping I would get to meet other aspiring Commanders that were willing to take on the 22k light year journey and the Jaunt to Jaques initiative made it possible. A few days prior to the launch of the first convoy, there was a request for someone to organize the basecamp and make sure everything went according to plan. Seeing as I had never done anything similar before, I decided I was the perfect man for the job!

Not really – I was actually quite insecure about it, but decided that I would step up if nobody else did.

The night of the launch was utter chaos I wasn’t prepared at all for the sheer number of people buzzing about and needing my help to join up with the others, a daunting task that became a little easier because earlier I had asked people to add me to their contact lists. Somehow–with half of the populated galaxy on my busy contact list–the launch pulled through, and since I’ve become a lot more familiar with how to go about organising these events and generally helping people out. By the time the first convoy reached Jaques I had a lot more  experience, had met  many interesting people, and had learned so much by orchestrating the basecamps mostly by myself.

Some of the great people behind the expedition were putting loads of effort into creating this new network for the citizens here out in the Colonia nebula–the CCN. I was contacted by them, and asked if I was interested in joining them and furthermore, stand in charge for planning and organising community events. Again, I was insecure about whether I would be able to perform the task at hand, but considering how much I had managed and learnt already from  the last time, I decided to jump into it. So here we are today!

Gazette: Well! I must say I’m pretty impressed that you put your hand up for scouting the base camps with little experience–that’s brave. What did you enjoy about organising those meetups?

Mosta: First of all, the people! When you have hundreds of billions of stars, you’re lucky to even meet a few others in a day. With the expedition you share the same goal as all these adventurous Commanders; each has different background, they are from all over the galaxy – some are novices, others are  experts, but every one of them has a story to tell and a place in the community that would quickly grow between us. And I guess it also gave new meaning to our lives, a breath of fresh air compared to your normal old days of trying to make a living back in the Bubble. It has been such an amazing experience to meet and get to know all these people, and actually feel that I’m part of something great!

Gazette: You clearly did a good job! So do you count a lot of old friends amongst the CCN?

Mosta: There are a few, yes; there’s even a couple I know that are leaving the bubble behind to join the CCN, on their way out here right as we speak! I hope to see a lot of new faces as well, and get to know them, one by one, as the community evolves.

Gazette: You’re in a good position to do that now.

Speaking of which – tell us about your first community event! How did you come to decide on a canyon race?

Mosta: I figured the trip out here can be long, tedious and uneventful for a lot of pilots, so stepping into a small, agile racer, and heading out to the canyons for some action would be a welcome change from the slow and bulky exploration vessels we’re all probably too used to by now. After a quick search around the system, I found a binary moon system with some epic landscapes suitable for racing and I set up a track I hope will be interesting. By the way, you would probably want to bring a discovery scanner if you wanted to check it out and have a few practice runs. It won’t show up on your system map otherwise, although it’s perfectly fine to just locate it with your eyes if that’s your sort of thing.

The track has a mix of tough curves and high speed flats, which hopefully will pose a fair challenge to the pilots participating, whether they are seasoned canyon racers or not.


Gazette: You’ve clearly put a lot of thought into that! How many colonists have signed up so far?

Mosta: As of now, about fifteen pilots have officially signed up but I know there are several planning to join the event that haven’t signed up yet. There’s still a whole week left and at this pace, I might have to organize different heats, so that the canyons won’t get too crowded! I’ll figure out that problem later, if necessary.

Gazette: Sounds like you know exactly what you’re doing.

Could you give us any hints as to the events you have in mind for the colonists over the coming months?

Mosta: There will certainly be more canyon runs, as we discover more canyons and tracks too awesome to say ‘no’ to!

There are also the gorgeous mountains to be surmounted with SRVs and I might have heard a rumour about some sort of Type-6 bumper carts; that’s confidential however, so don’t tell anyone.

I like to take things as they come and I’m always open to ideas. I’d love for anyone to submit their ideas or event locations to me, so we can make ourselves some memories and good times together!

Gazette: Don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone, except our readers.

Great news for any colonists out there who want to get involved in colonial life–be sure to go to Mosta with any ideas!

Mosta, thank you so much for taking the time to speak to the Gazette.

Mosta: You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure.


Details about the event this Sunday 4th September can be found here:



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