Cartography Report : Issuance 2 : EOCH FLYUAE UU-O E6-2971 (Dragonfly Nebula)

TRAVEL ADVISORY:  The Central Star of The Dragonfly Nebula (EOCH FLYUAE UU-O E6-2971) is a neutron star. Careless pilots WILL find their ships forced out of supercruise, leading to a potentially fatal situation. Pilots planning on visiting the Dragonfly Nebula are advised to zero their throttles during the hyperspace jump to the system.


EOCH FLYUAE UU-O E6-2971 is a planetary nebula located along the galactic highway leading from the human inhabited ‘Bubble’  to the Colonia Nebula. The swaths of deep blue are punctuated by swirls of faint pink, a sight made even more impressive due to the ‘dim’ nature of the central neutron star.


While none of the planets are terraformable with our current technology, the nearest planet named Dragonfly 1 is a Water World supporting it’s own carbon-water based life. The intense radiation of the local neutron star is potentially affecting the local wildlife or leading to specific adaptations that could interest scientists researching evolution under extreme conditions.


Most of the other planets in the system are High Metal Content worlds with Ammonia-Rich or Nitrogen Atmospheres, with the exception of Dragonfly 2, which sports a Carbon Dioxide-rich atmosphere. Lastly the final planet, Dragonfly 8, is a gas giant that lies 10,238 Light-Seconds from the central star.

Despite the potential danger of entering the system, it provides plenty of photo-opportunities and experienced explorers should have little trouble when arriving.


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