August Exodus Convoy 2 Arrives at Jaques

The second convoy of the August Exodus: Jaunt to Jaques expedition arrived safely at Jaques on Monday 29 August 3302.

More than 300 pilots departed on August 15th from Ocshooit on a path that took them through Thor’s Eye and the Lagoon Nebula and several other noteworthy points and nebulas, finally reaching Jaques Station on Monday.


The Waypoints of the Expedition

We contacted Commander Unrealization, one of the expedition leaders.

Gazette: As one of the expedition leaders how does it feel to see the Convoy 2 arrive safely at Jaques?

Unrealization: It’s great to see that the majority of Commanders who set out from Ocshooit have made it by now. Some have been quicker and are already on their way back, some have just arrived over the weekend, and a few are still catching up and making their way, regardless of having to make the whole trip alone now.

I think the journey was well worth it. The sights along the way–like Mitchell’s Legacy with its six Black Holes, and Jaques here in a breathtaking region of space with the nebula as the backdrop to the station is just gorgeous. Those things alone are worth it.

And not to forget the friendships that have formed along this journey. It’s always nice to see a green marker on the Galaxy Map, and I am sure all who participated will see quite a few more of those from now on.

Thor's Eye

Thor’s Eye

Gazette: Was it a smooth journey? Did everything go according to plan?

Unrealization: Well, with Convoy 1 we had to move the launch date due to the dire situation at Jaques that required immediate attention, but things stabilised quickly and Convoy 2 proceeded as planned.

It was mostly a smooth journey, but unfortunately we had a few casualties due to accidents. Also, one of the pilots required assistance and rescue from the Fuel Rats. Other than those isolated incidents the trip was uneventful.

j2j meetup

Jaunt to Jaques Meetup

Gazette: Can you tell us a few things about last night’s meetup?

Unrealization: For Tuesday night we decided to have a meetup of both convoys. Those of Convoy 1 who had chosen to stay at Jaques Station and those of Convoy 2 who had arrived had not started to rush home yet. We met outside Jaques Station for pictures and general shenanigans. After we had sufficiently looked at each other’s ships and fired tonnes of chaff, we decided to head over to a nearby planet where Commander Mosta had scouted out a track for some ship racing.

As expected, this resulted in a few explosions–my own included–and of course a whole lot of fun for all participants.


Canyon Race

Gazette: What’s next for you and what do you think the future holds for the fledgeling colony at Jaques?

Unrealization: For the next few weeks I will be in the area around Jaques. I intend to visit the nearby nebulae for research–look for planets with conditions that may allow for Barnacles, and see if there are any Unknown Probes out here. With the discovery of the crashed alien ship in the Pleiades, we do not want to risk our young colony to be overrun by an overlooked alien threat. I don’t expect to find them out here, but it would be reckless not to have a look around for signs.

As for our young colony out here at Jaques–we have a healthy group of Commanders out here, and more are coming. The construction of a second station should bring more opportunities for pilots to keep themselves busy, and hopefully some better outfitting as well. But overall I am confident that we can make the Colonia Nebula a great home away from home. For some, it may be permanent, for others it may be a temporary stop on their way deeper into our galaxy. They are all equally welcome.

Gazette: It’s brilliant that you decided to stay at Jaques for the time being Commander. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to the Gazette and our readers!

Unrealization: Thank you for giving me the honour.

The Omega Nebula

The Omega Nebula

We have also contacted several of the Convoy 2 pilots to ask how they felt after finishing this long journey. Every Commander agreed that the sense of a strong community was prevalent throughout the journey. Commander Nighttiger95 said “In convoy 2, each and every one of the almost 300-strong group was so willing to help and just ensure everyone had a good time; I hope everyone who participated has had an experience like mine. It’s been a long journey, but the people and friends I’ve made along the way have definitely made the trek worth it.”

The long distance and the hundreds of hyperspace jumps, together with the tight schedule were an issue for some Commanders. One Commander said “If there hadn’t been meetups, I would never have travelled the 22,000 Ly distance in a two-week span. It would have taken me a month plus to get out to Jaques otherwise. The social meetups were great bouts of fun sprinkled in a jumping experience that, while interesting at times, ultimately dragged on too long.”

J2J Logo

Jaunt to Jaques Official Logo c/o Commander Qohen Leth

But the distance was welcomed by other Commanders, who took it as a challenge. Commander Qwertyuiopas told us: “Well, it was quite the journey, not to mention the farthest I’ve ever been from the Bubble, and it was great to have the support of other Commanders!”

The challenge itself was something many people had considered in the past as impossible. In the words of Commander Fractal Shard: “When I arrived at Jaques I had this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and awe that so many explorers would do this long trek more than once, to establish a new colony and possibly even a new bubble so far away from Sol. It felt like I was achieving something I thought was impossible.”

Please see for more information about the expedition and the waypoints.


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