Colonia exploration project launches


Yesterday, citizens of Colonia began an ambitious endeavour to chart every system around Jaques station. In only a few short hours, many pilots have signed up. This comes as no surprise, given that a large number of explorers have made the journey to Jaques.

The project is expected to last a long time, and involve a lot of work. But such a survey will no doubt lay the foundation for future colonisation efforts.

Though the survey will attempt to catalog everything in the area, it will also take particular note of planets which may be suitable for colonisation or which may be hospitable for alien life. Earlier, your correspondent (who, it should be stated for the purposes of full disclosure, is a coordinator of the project in question) caught up with his colleague and fellow coordinator, Alex Ringess, who had this to say about the project:

“This project may seem ambitious. Some will say that it is impossible to do without the level of resources available to the superpowers. We say it’s entirely possible. The superpowers jealously keep the map data related to the Ancient Worlds to themselves, and share with the Galaxy only what they want. That’s what we refuse to see here, in the Colonia Nebula. All information about this region will be- must be- freely available to  anyone who comes to the Colonia Nebula, without any considerations about race, class, or allegiance. Finally, we also want to share all the discoveries we will make with all the Galaxy. Imagine if we discover alien life, for example!”

Those explorers interested in this historic endeavour should sign up here:

~ Julian Winter


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