First Militia joint training exercise takes place in Colonia

A positive and unprecedented event took place last night as two different member organisations of the Colonia Militia Forces teamed up for joint military exercises at Jaques Station. Led by Commander Muninn, Militia Leader for the IEF, members of the Colony’s own Twin Candles militia honed their fighting skills.

Interviewed shortly after the training ended, Muninn told The Gazette:

“Tonight’s exercise provided an opportunity for Commanders to learn new skills and co-operate with pilots they have not yet had a chance to work with.”

The exercise lasted well over an hour, and it is believed tremendous progress was made by the nine-strong force. One participant, Commander Putin Stronk of the Twin Candles, said that “it went as well as we could have hoped for. We used tonight’s training to establish a common set of rules to follow when performing mass interdiction manoeuvres”.


As more milita groups arrive at Jaques having pledged to protect the Colony, it would be no surprise if more exercises of this kind take place before long. Another pilot who trained with the group, Commander AdamAuden1092, expressed his hopes for the future:

“I joined up to protect this fledgling Colony from all aggressors regardless of galactic alignment. I hope likeminded individuals pledge their support to the Colonia Militia as it grows to match the demands of the Colony.”

It seems that the training paid immediate dividends; shortly after the exercise’s conclusion, a notorious pirate was spotted, interdicted and destroyed within a minute of his appearance. Understandably, it has not been divulged whether techniques learned in the training exercise were used, but one thing is certain. Let there be no doubt: Jaques is defended.


Images courtesy of Commander Maximilian Reach


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