Cartography Report : Issuance 3 : P’eng Nebula (Dryooe Prou AA-A H131)

Lying a little over 1,000 light years core-ward from the Colonia Nebula, explorers will easily be able to spot the orange and red tendrils of the P’eng Nebula.  While there are many nebulae around Jaques, what makes the P’eng Nebula unique is its positioning below the galactic plane.

The entire nebula lies directly in the ‘blanket’ of non sequence stars that surrounds the Colonia Nebula.  Neutron, Carbon, White Dwarf, and Black Hole stars can be found amidst the warm glow of the P’eng Nebula.


This brings its risks; the high concentration of such stars makes it a hazard for any ill-prepared or careless explorer that may blunder his or her way into the area.  Pilots are encouraged to zero their throttles during jump in order to prevent a potentially fatal mistake.


Commander Histarium of the CCN Exploration Wing was the first CCN pilot to investigate the nebula in detail–estimating it to measure 151 light years in width and 165 light years in length–providing a significant sector of space for explorers and fortune-seekers alike to investigate.  The warm oranges and reds of the nebula a welcome change to the cold bleakness of space for those that are surveying the Neutron Fields in order to line their accounts with credits.


Officially entered into the Galactic Mapping Project on 30/08/3302, the P’eng Nebula lies at coordinates: -9883.5625 / -1141.9375 / 20798.21875 on your star map.

In addition several Planetary Nebulae lie a thousand or so light years core-ward past the P’eng Nebula. However, in the spirit of exploration, the CCN Exploration Wing leaves finding those small nebulae up to the more adventurous readers among you.


Signing off – Commander Alesia


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