Colonia Inaugural SRV Rally held

Plenty of fun, daftness and explosions in more-or-less equal measure were in evidence last night as the Colonia Inaugural SRV Rally went off with more than a few bangs. A number of plucky Commanders lined up for buggy-related shenanigans on a moon in the Jaques System.


The organiser of the proceedings, Commander Putin Stronk, told the Gazette:

“We had some difficulties and the event didn’t go exactly as planned, but it’s great to see the community coming together and having a good time.”

Storming over the line in first place was Commander Graeme Seaman, followed in second place by Commander YinYin Falcon, and third, Commander Maikeru. The winner’s prize, aside from the respect from and bragging rights over his peers, is an opportunity to name the racetrack he won on. Seaman has reportedly requested it be named “Beggar’s Canyon”, an obscure reference to an ancient Earth “movie”.

There is to be another race next week, this time around the Colonia Hub Circuit, where higher gravity will hopefully mean SRVs are more controllable this time; reports from last night’s event suggest at times competitors were not so much driving as flying, and in fact sometimes even simply falling – without style.


Images courtesy of Commanders Unrealization and Petroph


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