The CCN project continued to gain momentum this weekend as two new groups pledged their support.

The Corsarios de Heimdal are a Spanish-speaking group based in the HR 5307 system, dedicated to fearlessly defending the weak. We asked their leader, Commander TCAS, what prompted them to join CCN.

“We are supporting a cause never seen before – different factions united by the same purpose, under the same flag. We have to contribute our resources to the colonisation effort to create a safe place for our families, away from the hypocrisy of the Bubble.”


The Corsarios de Heimdal

Within hours of this announcement, the Gazette learned that talks with another faction had concluded. In what will be seen as a significant move by commentators, the Social Eleu Progressive Party have lent their weight to the unified colonisation effort.

SEPP have considerable respect amongst the galaxy’s exploration community and have made it their mission to create an ‘explorers’ nation’ – now seeing the Colony as the galaxy’s best opportunity to make this vision a reality.


The Social Eleu Progressive Party

The Gazette asked Adept Geraden, one of SEPP’s senior generals, what their interests in Colonia are:

“Our goals is to establish, grow and maintain a Colony of safe, prosperous, independent, democratic and free systems, for explorers, traders, miners, and all free persons of the galaxy. Free of any power, and any dominant superpower influence.”

There will no doubt be considerable synergy between SEPP and the rest of the CCN project.

Both these groups have pledged pilots to the Colonia Militia Forces (CMF), the joint task force of groups committed to Colony defence. The CMF now numbers 80 pilots from eight participant squadrons:

Twin Candles
Imperial Expeditionary Force
Iridium Wing
Children of Raxxla
Corsarios de Heimdal


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