The Cartography Report: Issuance 4 : The Aquarium

Travel Advisory : The central object in The Aquarium Nebula is a black hole; pilots should zero their throttles upon jumping into the system.

Dryaea Aob IH-V e2-250 – The Aquarium – is a bright blue planetary nebula located 1862.28 lightyears from Jaques Station.  The electric blue color of the nebula is visible even when close to the system’s brightest class F star.


The nebula itself is surrounded by a cluster of larger nebulae, leading to the appearance that they are floating around in a fishbowl, hence the name.  Only the final star in the system has any planets orbiting it, separated from the black hole by a gap of 147,000 light seconds.


With such an amazing sight less than 2,000 light years from the Colonia Nebula, it will probably become a must-see sight for pilots residing in the area.

Signing off – Commander Alesia – CCN Exploration Wing


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