Last weekend, the Colonia militia performed their second combat training exercise near Jaques station. Commander Aaron Starr, GalCop Flight Leader, educated members in advanced combat maneuvers and was reportedly very pleased with the results.


“This past weekend’s training event was extremely successful. I am confident that, were a security incident to arise, the Colonia Militia Forces would be well-equipped to respond with lethal force. We still have much work to do, but I’m optimistic about the future safety of the colony,” the commander said in a statement after the training.

While member turnout for the exercise was smaller than usual due to militia operations in other regions of the galaxy, leaders have ensured that a strong security presence will be maintained at the colony itself.

As the number of militia groups continues to rise, criminal activity, especially in resource extraction sites, has dropped significantly. With continued militia training and support the situation will only improve.



The Militia squadron during the training


Published on behalf of Commander Qwertyuiopas, who joins the Gazette this week as our Militia Correspondent. He will be writing a weekly piece about barracks life and security matters in Colonia.


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