Colony Unites To Celebrate New Home

When Commander Olivia Vespera made her plea for volunteers to travel the distance to Jaques and bring Meta-Alloys and other desperately needed commodities, many sneered at what they considered an absurdity of impossible distance and huge costs without return profit. Twenty-two thousand light years is a distance that many people had never considered covering in their lifetime.

And yet a ragtag group of brave pioneers decided to travel those vast distances, despite adversities and the warnings that the cost of the operation would mean they’d never make any profit. They bridged the gap and reached Jaques, delivering the much-needed help that repaired the station almost entirely.


In the process, they discovered that sometimes profit is a secondary or even tertiary concern. Sometimes, when one sheds the artificial barriers of monetary values, one may find something different. In the case of the brave pilots who decided to make the trip to Jaques, it was a new home and a new identity.

Since that first initiative, new arrivals at Jaques have been increasing steadily. Legendary names like Erimus Kamzel, Dr Kaii, Obsidiant Ant, Souvarine and Qohen Leth supported the initiative and created the CCN, rallying people behind them. The colony has now 800 colonists and is a bustling community that celebrated completion of its first planetary base, the Colonia Hub, only three months after Jaques was first discovered in the Colonia Nebula. It is a monumental achievement, indeed, for every single colonist.

If you’re a weary pilot, tired of the bubble life, looking for a fresh start, looking for a new frontier, right at its birth, then a new life awaits you! A golden land of opportunity and adventure! Join CNN today and become part of this new chapter of human history.
– Erimus Kamzel

As soon as the Colonia Hub construction was complete, the Colonia Council and the entire Colony voted decisively to make the Colonia Hub their capital and headquarters. Colonia Hub will act as the focal point for all CCN activities; from where colonial expeditions will be launched, the base of the Colonia Militia and the place where all colonising groups can become signatories to the mutual defence pact of Colonia if they so choose.


To celebrate this historic moment and the achievements of the entire colony in the short space of three months, CCN held a ceremony at Colonia Hub on Sunday 18th September 3302. The ceremony started with an impressive flyby by the Colonia Militia Forces squadrons over the Colonia Hub.



Immediately after the Militia parade, Commander Souvarine delivered a speech on behalf of all the Colonia Custodians. He praised the fledgeling CCN and the efforts of all the colonists who work hard to make the vision of a society free of petty squabbles and factional enmity a reality:

CCN now represents the best chance yet seen at creating the society we’ve all dreamed of. We’ve captured the imagination of the entire galaxy, thanks to you.
– Commander Souvarine


The last part of the celebration was an informal SRV rally around the hub itself, where all attendees were welcome to join. The rally was organised by Commander Mosta and provided lots of fun for all the pilots taking part.



CCN has already welcomed its 800th member. In the short time it has been active it has proved that the human spirit, focused on a common goal, can reach above petty differences—political or otherwise—and achieve incredible results.

When we work together and reach for the stars, literally nothing is impossible.

Photo credits: Commander Maximillian Reach, Commander YinYin Falcon, Commander Leo Foxtail


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