Few names hold as much weight in the exploration community as Kancro Vantas, the charismatic Chief of State of the Social Eleu Progressive Party (SEPP). His vision for an ‘explorers’ nation’ has captured the galaxy’s attention, despite the setbacks SEPP have endured.

The Gazette managed to catch Kancro for a few minutes following his announcement that SEPP would be joining forces with CCN.

Gazette: Kancro, thanks for joining the Gazette today. It’s a real honour.

But for the colonists who have recently joined us, would you mind telling us a little about your career so far?

Kancro: Well, thanks a lot for the opportunity and I am also glad to speak with the Gazette! It is a great initiative to keep the colonist community and the community at large–even back in the Bubble–informed about the colony’s activities and latest developments.

I started as a miner, back in Idu Misi. Back when the Rares Runs Rush hit the galaxy, I decided to go down that way.

I had always dreamed of going wandering the galaxy with an Asp Explorer, and when I heard about the lucrative rare goods I decided to join the rush and make a pretty penny. Little I knew that the system I chose as my base for the rare runs would become my home and would have such a deep impact in my life: Eleu.

After a couple of weeks I was able to gather enough credits to finally buy my signature Asp Explorer, Eleu Exploration Ship Orinoco, which I exclusively flew for almost a year. I ran three personal expeditions with it: ETA Carina, Sagittarius A, and the Neutron Fields.


The Eleu Exploration Ship Orinoco

Back in those days, there was a lack of clarity on what the Neutron Fields actually were – or even if it was just one big expanse or many smaller concentrations. My research shed lights into recognizing the four big expanses that cover most of the galaxy.

All my exploration, commerce, research, and other activities benefited mainly the Social Eleu Progressive Party, something that made me a popular figure in the party ranks. And later on I found myself as the agent who orchestrated its expansion to a nearby system. That’s when the notion of creating an Explorer Nation was coined: just to have a space free from any kind of politics and affiliation.

Gazette: We were hoping to find out more about that. How was SEPP created?

Kancro: I did not create SEPP, it was there already. If anything SEPP created me. When I realized that thanks to my frequent trips in the vicinity, and the trade and exploration data I was providing the party’s influence expanded, I decided to pledge to their cause and this Explorer’s Nation project was born.

Two weeks later, I found another Commander passing by the system. When he learned about my activity there and the goal, he joined SEPP. Then, another friend of mine heard the news on the other side of the bubble and flew over. Then another, and another.

SEPP was not a group from the beginning: it is mostly about a vision, an idea, and one that we hope to be able to implement one day! So far, we are on track. And the New Bubble just seems the prime land to achieve it!

Gazette: Ah, a very organic beginning! What gave you the idea for an ‘Explorers Nation’?

Kancro: The wonderful community of explorers. I was proud of being part of the community and saw many original, worthy and interesting projects and ideas. I thought it would be fascinating if we were all united and could convene in a small space from time to time, you know, like back on Earth when sailors used to gather around sea ports.

For that to happen, I reckoned, this space would need to be as ‘sterile’ as possible of any contrivances, enemies, pirates, or interdictions of any kind. Hence the idea of a free Nation.

Gazette: I see. You mentioned some mapping work earlier – I gather you’re a significant contributor to the Galactic Mapping Project. Could you tell us about your work for them?

Kancro: Ah, I have done a few entries for that immense project! Great initiative by Erimus! My entries have not been particularly numerous, nor too relevant – there is a big group of great explorers whose collaboration has been way more prolific than mine.

The Neutron Fields is probably my biggest contribution, and one that I am coincidentally rebuffing this week! I’m making some small tweaks to facilitate its use by eager and younger explorers.

Gazette: That is a really important contribution – when I began my exploration career I remember reading about the Neutron Fields and planning my trips accordingly!

We understand that you were an integral part of Distant Worlds (DWE), as well?

Kancro: You have been doing your homework, haven’t you!?

I was indeed heavily involved in DWE! I helped Erimus and Dr Kaii with many things on the operative side of the expedition, trying to enhance the experience for the explorers that joined us. We wanted to give the impression that we had a nice, organized modus operandi, even though we were really running around like headless chickens behind the curtain!

We never expected DWE to be as big as it ended up being. So our logistics were quickly overwhelmed and we had to keep adapting accordingly!

It was an incredible experience though and one that will be remembered for many years to come in this galaxy. I can’t foresee anything coming close to it in the near future. If some celebrities can ‘break’ GalNet, DWE ‘broke’ the galaxy!

Gazette: Too true. It has cast a very long shadow!

Moving to the present, now – how did you come to hear about CCN?

Kancro: When you are running a very active faction like ours, with few pilots, you have to juggle flying time, administrative time and leadership time. Often, there is little or no down time to keep up with the myriad of things that are happening in the galaxy.

We had barely ended the Dangerous Games competition when we received the news about Unknown Probes, the alien search and the Rift. Then, Jaques was found.

We in SEPP had a lot of housekeeping to do. We wanted to get involved with Colonia and help with repairing Jaques. We were convinced some initiative between factions was going to spur at some point.

So we became active for the first community goal, and I myself came out to Jaques in mid July and stayed on until last week, when I started my trip back to the Bubble for some engineer work that is in order.

Through all this time I kept hearing about the Jaunt to Jaques but I had arrived there way before it launched. Then I heard about the CCN, but I just never connected the dots!

One of my Generals joined the server a few weeks ago and told me about it. However, a crisis prevented me from flying much during those weeks and then I came back to the cockpit to find many internal issues which prevented me from joining until last week, when I finally signed the membership on behalf of SEPP.

Now, we are fully part of the project! At the time of this publication I am just 2,000 LY away from the Bubble: I just spent two months in the Colonia!

Gazette: It’s really exciting to have SEPP as part of CCN – a united voice for an explorers’ haven, so to speak.

What does the future hold for SEPP?

Kancro: SEPP’s main motivation for the Dangerous Games to become a Power was to create a space free of other powers, and only for explorers. There are no ways for a faction like us to push back a Power. ‘You are either a Power or you become consumed by one’ seems to be the way this galaxy works, sadly. We believe there should be a clear space, a sanctuary of sorts for anyone to rest from the politics of the Bubble.

If creating a Power was going to prevent our space being consumed by one, then so be it. And, in the process, let’s bring as many benefits to the explorers as possible. That was a by-product, a nice add-on.

However, SEPP’s main objective was never to become a Power, and we rather have a lot to do internally and in accomplishing our Nation. So Colonia and the CCN represent a critically important project for us, especially as the new Power in the galaxy is setting itself up in one of our core systems.

Gazette: Yes, that’s regrettable. You have a lot of people’s sympathy on that.

What’s your vision for CCN and Colonia?

Kancro: How long you have for this interview?!

I hope that the CCN fulfills its ambition to be an impartial and democratic organization. The opportunity to create a real forum of factions coming to the Colonia has been kickstarted, but I worry we fail in guaranteeing no favouritism or bias.

It is a huge task that we have on our shoulders, but a much-needed one: the future of the peace in the Colonia lies in our hands right now, and every small decision now will have a big impact later!

Gazette: Food for thought, there. No doubt your position on the leadership council for the Colony will be greatly valued in the coming months.

So, on a personal note – what’s next for Commander Vantas?

Kancro: I always tell my Generals they should make up a money or sexual scandal to get me involved in, and then impeach me, so I can take my biggest ship and shoot off to the void for years! They are just reluctant to do so!

On a serious note, I am focused on keeping us together, finding ways to accomplish our group’s vision and hopefully add some value to the community everywhere, in the Bubble and in Colonia.

Gazette: Fantastic. Well, we really look forward to your input into Colonial life, Kancro!

Many thanks indeed for joining us today and it’s been a pleasure chatting with you.

Kancro: Thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to helping develop CCN.


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