Fowl Play at Colonia

Why did the pilot cross the galaxy? Because he wanted to play SuicideWinder Chicken at Colonia. If you have to die, better egg-spire far away from home, right?

This was the latest in a series of fantastic egg-sploits hosted weekly by the Colonia Events Team. Contestants arrived cooped up in stock Sidewinders and flew to 25km above the surface of moon 7 A, near the Colonia Hub.

On the co-coordinator’s signal, pilots turned off flight assist and began a long–and for the most part, uncontrollable–fall to the ground. Aiming for the target (an Anaconda) proved to be a real challenge, as barely anyone succeeded in ‘landing’ in its surroundings.

As they came close to the surface, they then had to brake as late as possible in order to survive the impact. Sidewinders were the obvious choice for this event because upon inevitable destruction, the cost of shelling out for another would not be overly fowl.


25km up and about to fall

Event Coordinator Commander Putin Stronk said afterwards:

“Due to the limited number of attendants we decided not to make it a competition. But we found many new (and dangerous) ways of entertainment that we hope we’ll see again in the future.”

He went on to thank Commander Qwertyuiopas for his help in hosting this eggs-cellent event.

Participants winging it were Commanders BranchesOfSins, AugustusDay, Putin Stronk, Petroph, and NorthboundFox.

After three free-fall attempts they took turns at flying at high speeds underneath a low-hovering Anaconda. To spice things up, pilots first had to fly down a mountain as the sun was setting on the area. Coming at full speed, in the darkness and with Flight-Assist off, they tried to fly through a very small space between the ‘Conda and the ground.

Needless to say, we witnessed the best and the worst, with one Commander brilliantly swooshing under the Anaconda all chaffs firing, while another got into a flap, hitting the ship, bouncing on the rock below, rolling aside and eggs-ploding.

Great occasions such as last night’s are continually being hatched by the Events team. Details of upcoming events (and how to join the Fleetcomm Private Group that the events are held in) can be found here – if you’re in Colonia, sign up and scramble along for a guaranteed cracking time.


Sparks flew at the Suicidewinder Chicken Event


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