One of the most significant recent developments in Empire society has been the emergence of the group Elite: Imperial Community Goals. The group has quickly became known as ‘The Cutter Club’.


This week, The Cutter Club have pledged support to the construction of refueling outposts on the road to Colonia in aid of the CCN.

They support the vision of an independent Colony and are looking forward to working with groups from all over the galaxy to bring that into being.

The founder of the group, Duke PeachSlicesV (The 9th Legion) made this announcement on Monday:

“In line with the ideals of the activist Marlin Duval, the founding member of the Achenar Colony now known as the Empire of Achenar, The Cutter Club is giving full support to the establishment of a peaceful independent colony and a fresh start.

“We will work as a community with other Commanders to achieve community goals both in the Bubble and Colonia. The Cutter Club and its members see the establishment of new, secure, and free areas as essential to human survival.

“Our goals being aligned to those of the Colonia Citizens Network means we lend our full support to the CCN and Latugara PLC’s Colonia Connection project now, and in future events.”

Forged during the early stages of the Morai Appeal as an inclusive community, The Cutter Club gained its nickname through the high proportion of Dukes amongst its membership. Only Dukes are permitted to fly the prestigious Imperial Cutter and the group’s members assist young pilots to rise through the ranks of the Imperial Navy.


CMDR PeachSlicesV
The Cutter Club Founder
The 9th Legion – Arissa Lavigny-Duval

CMDR PlzDontShoot
The Cutter Club Leadership
Praetorians – Denton Patreus


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