This week the Gazette received word that Twin Candles founder and abolitionist Etiene Denain has gone missing.

Denain, who was allegedly spotted in the Uibuth system, is understood to have left the garrison at Colonia Hub under the direction of Militia Commander Souvarine and Flight Leader Squiggle.

Your correspondent was able to contact Cmdr Squiggle for comment on his recent promotion.


A Twin Candles patrol above Colonia Hub

Gazette: How did you come to be Flight Leader for the Twin Candles?

Squiggle: For personal reasons Etiene Denain is no longer in a position to spearhead the Twin Candles movement, and so has asked me to take over the day to day operations of the division and to press forward with the ongoing colonisation efforts at Colonia.

Gazette: How are things going to change for your movement?

Squiggle: For our members, absolutely nothing.  This is really a continuation of Etiene’s work- we’re still committed to being the ‘People’s Militia’ and protecting Colonia from hostile forces. However, Souvarine and I are in a position to legitimise the Twin Candle movement, something that Etiene’s criminal background has prevented us from doing in the past.

Gazette: Is this attempt at legitimising Twin Candles the end of their radical endeavours to liberate slaves?

Squiggle: Twin Candles are still committed to abolishing slavery, but at this time I feel it’s important that we direct our efforts towards establishing trade routes to enable us to expand our colonisation aspirations out at Colonia.

This is why my first act as Flight Leader of the Twin Candles Militia is to liaise with Latugara PLC and to assist in the establishment of Outposts between Colonia and the ‘Core Systems’ to secure a stable trade route.   

Gazette: What else do you have planned whilst visiting the Bubble?

Squiggle: It’s going to be a busy few days that’s for sure; after meeting with Latugara PLC it’s straight to visit the shipyards of Faulcon DeLacy and Gutamaya Corporation in order to secure advanced test flights with their latest breakthroughs in ship-launched fighter technology.  The Colonia Militia is keen to investigate the strategic capabilities of this new technology and put together some initial training briefings for those out at Colonia.

Gazette: Finally, there have been reports that Etiene Denain was seen in the Uibuth system recently. What are your thoughts on the rumours that he’s attempting to liberate more slaves from the Empire?

Squiggle: I think your readers have more sense than to believe wild speculation such as this.


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