Colonia Militia Bolstered by Two Legendary Wings

The Colonial Militia Forces have been strengthened recently by two major additions to their ranks: the Terran Colonial Forces and the Prismatic Imperium. The two have pledged the best of their respective wings, donating their unique talents and manpower to the great effort of human expansion.

The Terran Colonial Forces


An extraordinarily-seasoned wing of independent fighters, the Terran Colonial Forces are known throughout the galaxy as being effective and coordinated to the point of wild rumor and speculation as to their origin and training. The TCF have spent their long and storied careers upholding the Colonial ideals of freedom, autonomy, and exploration wherever they fly. It is the latter ideal that ultimately called the TCF to the Colonia Militia. Commander Crashbx, spokesperson for the TCF explained:

Even though we are a combat-forged group, we are also very inspired explorers and want to reach where no man has dared to go before… we think the Colonia nebula is a very good stepping point to explore the wonders of this universe.

The Terran Colonial Forces have expressed interest in defending the Colonia project, as well as contributing to the initiatives set forth by the research and exploration members.

The Prismatic Imperium


The Prismatic Imperium is synonymous with the progressive ideals of the Empire, having made its home at the very doorstep of Aisling Duval herself on Cubeo. The Imperium adheres to their famous Three Pillar system, incorporating the noble and fearless Adamantine Union, the tirelessly-inquisitive and informative People’s Media, and the decorated Aurora Initiative. Under these three branches, the Prismatic Imperium has provided a means of liberation for countless members of humanity through their fight against Imperial slavery. On hearing the call to aid Colonia, the Imperium saw the commonality of their visions, and have generously offered use of their expertise in logistics and materials. Duke Jeffrey Alexander Ryan, founder of the Imperium, offered this proclamation:

There was an age, thousands of years gone, when mankind first took to the stars and dreamed not of a better world, but of many better worlds. The hope that somewhere in the dark reaches of space we could find the light. For centuries the harsh reality of space travel and interstellar politics have reduced that hope to a last burning ember. When I look out from Cubeo to the core, in the direction that my friend LocNor assures me lies Colonia, even in myself I feel that ember burst once more into flame. The knowledge that out there, there is a community of human beings once more reaching towards the light of a better future for all humanity. It is with the greatest pride that I communicate on behalf of my brother Corwin the pledge of the Prismatic Imperium to support Colonia – with supplies, with credits and, most importantly, with the people of the Imperium who share the same goals as you. To that end, the Prismatic Imperium promises to send whatever support it can, in terms of our pilots and support staff, to the Colonia Militia – if for for no other reason than at least to allow this tired old Imperial to dream once more.

With the addition of these two great forces, the Colonia Militia will further assure the security of all who venture into humankind’s newest frontier.


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