Gravity Limbo declared explosive success

The latest in a series of increasingly popular contests organised by the Colonia Events Team went off with not one, but a series of bangs last night.

The participants’ task was deceptively simple: fly to the summit of 7.5km Mount Qwert in a ship of their choice; and at a given signal, turn flight assist off, hurtle down the mountainside and attempt to fly underneath two Anacondas hovering close to the ground. After every round, the Anacondas would lower, making an already-perilous undertaking even more tricky. Competitors were not allowed to repair, and the last ship still intact would be declared the winner.


Commanders hurtling down Mount Qwert

Surprisingly–given the nature of the challenge–Commanders brought not just inexpensive ships such as Vipers and Eagles to the party, but also a Type-6 and, astonishingly, an Orca.

Commander Petroph, hosting the event in his green Militia Viper, seemed particularly keen to begin proceedings, exploding before the event had even begun. But he was soon back and throwing himself down the mountain with the rest.

Miraculously, all contestants survived the first round, but in the second attempt Commander Souvarine came a cropper, and the fourth run saw three more contestants crash out in style.


Shields took a hammering

For the seventh and final round, shields were turned off. The eventual winner was declared to be Commander 27duuude, who somehow failed to explode with the remaining pilots.


Explosive action

Special mention must go to Commander Bob Dobilina, who had to leave early but whose vomit-yellow Orca survived up to that point relatively unscathed, and Commanders Maximilian Reach, Qwertyuiopas, and Ragnar Starquester for allowing their Anacondas to be used for such a madcap pursuit.


An Orca. AN ORCA.

Commander Petroph said:

“Gravity Limbo was a major success in my eyes…this is something we will most likely do again in the future. The Events Team is always coming up with new and exciting events for everyone”.

Indeed, the event was universally agreed to have been a roaring success, with participants and onlookers alike declaring that a huge amount of fun was had.



As is becoming a feature of these events, the whole occasion was streamed live  and can be watched here. Details of future events can be found here.


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