The Starport Folio Week 1: Pioneer Edition

I’m Commander Sparkles and this is the first in my new regular feature, in which I navigate the stars in search of some of the best locations around Colonia. I’d love it if you joined me in my search.

The Starport Folio will be a weekly upload every Friday, highlighting five handpicked photos from the space surrounding Colonia. I will be presenting these few photos and discussing them with the photographers. I hope you enjoy the first edition! Explore. Create. Inspire.

Wonka’s World


System Name: Unknown
Discovered By: Cmdr Goopy Napkin ‘The Nature Boy’
Photographer: Cmdr Goopy Napkin

Nicknamed ‘Wonka’s World’ in tribute to the 20th Century actor Gene Wilder, this chocolate world had me in awe the moment I set my eyes on it. When I first came into contact with Cmdr Goopy Napkin I asked him to tell me what had led him to find this system and how he came about discovering it:

Nothing too special, just your average night out near Jaques. I was out looking for some unexplored systems to put my name on. I had decided to try and find some rare systems and figured carbon stars would be nice to have as first discovered; they seem to be few around the nebula.

I dropped into this system (to be named later I hope) and I noticed this distinctly dark planet – it wasn’t completely black, like some of the ones with red lava. So I went close and I noticed that it’s mostly dark brown. I for one haven’t seen anything carrying this colour before so I decided to take a picture. The planet itself reminds me of a chocolate covered world.

A Nebulous Place


System Name: Eol Prou SS-T d3 2285
Discovered By: Cmdr GoreWound
Photography credit: Cmdr GoreWound

The spectacular view of our humble Nebula from Cmdr GoreWound’s campsite is a sight to behold. Two other celestial bodies can be seen from there, as well as two nebulae – one being our very own Colonia. In Cmdr GoreWound’s words:

I was doing a little cartography hoping to sell the data to the Colonia Council. That plan didn’t quite work so I aimed myself at the core, as many explorers tend to do.

Only a few hundred light years out, I found a triple cluster of terrestrial worlds. My first thoughts were to attempt to land on one so I could see the other two in the sky. Once I was on the ground, I noticed Colonia in the backdrop, among her nebulous neighbours. I was only planning to take a picture, but I camped the night there once I saw the sky!

Ghastly Vision


System Name: Eol Prou RS-T d3-94
Discovered By: Cmdr Cly
Photography credit: Cmdr BranchesOfSins

This photo was taken by your correspondent. It’s the view of Eol Prou RS-T d3-94 4 – the third planet from its star, and home of Jaques Station. The sky splits evenly from the nebulous and colourful space to the vast darkness that engulfs it. I think it’s beautiful that the first thing you see when you leave Jaques is this magnificent view. It makes you feel at home and eager to explore just what lies beyond.

Mining for Jaques


System Name: Eol Prou RS-T d3-94
Discovered By: Cmdr Cly
Photography credit: Cmdr DireSloth

Here we have our colonists going to work on an asteroid in an attempt to collect materials for the expansion of our slowly growing community! The pay is good and the work is safe out here at Colonia. You could even call it a miner’s paradise. I met a group of miners working to collect materials for expansion and asked them how their day was going and their progress so far. This is what Cmdr Diresloth had to say:

Our exploration squadron is called DERP, which stands for Deep Exploration Recon Patrol. I lead the Pioneer flight, whose main focus is to aid in the development of the colony around Jaques.

We were here on a group expedition that most of DERP attended. Most members from other flights have left to go back home, but the Pioneer flight has made Colonia our home. We’ve spent the last week since we got here doing all kinds of group stuff around the nebula – races, bounty hunting, etc. Last night we decided to do some mining. I can’t remember what was on that specific rock but it must have been good ‘cause all four in the wing were hitting it, and when I noticed I decided to snap the picture.

A Commander’s Goal


System Name: Eol Prou RS-t D3-94
Discovered By: Cmdr Cly
Photography credit: Cmdr Bimse

Finally we see some colonists enjoying the view of our new home. When I met Cmdr Bimse he had already been here for much longer than I had. I asked him how he was liking his stay here in Colonia, which is apparently his second visit.

It was my second time visiting Jaques. I had bee-lined from the bubble because I had heard about this ‘Colonia Hub’ thing. So after I had sold all of my data I decided to go there and check it out.

After a couple of minutes flying around I noticed this commander named Zil Zalo. He was about to dock when I asked him if I could take a picture with him. This was two days before this I joined the Colonia Citizens Network. My reasoning was just specifically to see the colony!

This concludes our first look into your snapshots of Colonia – a beautiful little piece of the galaxy.  I hope you have enjoyed these stories and the beautiful images taken by other Citizens.

If you are not yet in Colonia we encourage that you make the trip out here and join us in this brave new world.


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