Outlander Challenge: Their Stories – Part 1

The birth of a colony is a beautiful event – majestic, full of awe and hope in equal measure. It’s also a messy affair; complicated and painful—like all births are—because one has to shed the old and start anew, sometimes from scratch, because only consistent effort and perseverance can afford the discovery and establishment of a new home. The birth of a colony requires the rebirth of its colonists, regardless of the reasons they chose to be part of it.


A colony can only grow if new people arrive and seek to become part of its family. That is the reason the Colonia Citizens network created the Outlander Challenge.

CCN invited pilots in the Bubble to discard their worldly possessions and hop into a Sidewinder, and head out to Jaques Station to begin a new life with the growing Colonial family.

In these series of articles, we’ll seek to uncover the stories of the Outlanders who boldly accepted the challenge of a brand new life in this beautiful but raw place.

Cmdr Maikeru


When trouble in the Bubble and the talk of imminent alien contact became too much to bear, Cmdr Maikeru decided that the Outlander Challenge provided him exactly what he needed to escape the mundane, as well as potential future danger.


Despite his low-spec ship, Cmdr Maikeru managed to travel more than ten thousand light years without overheating problems or suffering damage. He stopped at Vespera Vision before continuing his journey towards Jaques.


Outlander Maikeru arrived with his ship, the SS Barnstormer, at Colonia on 4 September 3302. He was the first Commander to complete the challenge.


Since arriving he’s been working hard to raise funds – completing bounty hunting missions and mining, helping to grow the fledgling colony in the process.


Cmdr Ready Eagle

A Federal Navy veteran, Cmdr Ready Eagle grew up in the Azrel system. Like his father, he started his career as a maintenance engineer and later became a full combat pilot.

Cmdr Ready Eagle was honourably discharged from the Federal Navy, when he decided that the career paths ahead were not what he aspired for. During the following months Ready Eagle tried several career paths—exploration, trading, racing—but his luck ran out and he found himself deep in debt and literally out of options.


The Outlander Challenge opened a new path for him to a different life. He started again—in his loaned Sidewinder, named Tweet—working on delivery missions and selling exploration data to afford him the necessary upgrades that would make his ship deep-space worthy.


He managed to sidestep several mishaps and, with the additional earnings from a Community Goal, he eventually finished outfitting his Sidewinder and started the long trek for Jaques Station.


Outlander Ready Eagle arrived at Colonia on 24 September 3302. He was the third Commander to complete the challenge.

Special thanks to Cmdr Aggie Ninepence.

Cmdr Maikeru dedicates his journey to his brother, who sadly passed away last May.


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