CCN presents: the Christmas Carriers Convoy


The CCN has announced a landmark new expedition due to take place at the end of 3302.

The Christmas Carriers Convoy is set to be the largest freight convoy in human history, and bring a much-needed injection of crucial commodities and materials to the nascent colony.


Erimus Kamzel of the CCN made this statement today:

“This is the new frontier. Infrastructure is in its infancy and the securities we’ve all taken for granted back in the Bubble are only just becoming established. There is little luxury out here; only hard industrial endeavour awaits those who venture to Colonia looking for a new start and a new life out near the Galactic Core.

“So what does the colony need now?

“It needs people. People like you. People willing to leave the Bubble behind, move out to Colonia and become part of this unique experience. An experience that hasn’t occurred since 2150 AD when humanity’s first colony away from Sol was established on Tau Ceti 3.

“You can be a part of this new chapter in the long galactic timeline – see it first hand, mould its future, and make history.

“CCN is inviting pilots to assemble the largest merchant fleet in history. A single convoy of passenger liners, tourism transport ships, freighters and fighter escort. Your goal is to bring the next influx of colonists to Colonia along with much-needed equipment, commodities, military hardware and Lavian Brandy.

“If you are interested in joining this venture and helping shape a new chapter in Elite folklore, fill your cargo hold and sign up!”

It is hoped that the expedition rivals Distant Worlds in its scale.

The convoy will depart the Bubble one day after the Distant Worlds Fleet Reunion event at Mitterand Hollow, and over the course of four weeks will travel across the Sagittarius Gap, pass through the Lagoon and Omega Nebulae, travel along the Colonia Connection highway–visiting the newly-completed refuelling and repair outposts along the way–cross the mysterious Sagittarii Conflux, and skirt around the southwestern edges of the Galactic Core before entering Colonia space and arriving en masse at Jaques Station after thirty days of travel.


The route for the Christmas Carriers Convoy

The Galactic Mapping team will map out a Neutron Highway for those that wish to add some risky ‘spice’ to the hyperspace travel during their 22,000 light year trip.

The Colonia Militia have committed to escorting the Convoy. The Gazette understands that the prestigious Colonial Marines unit is set to lead wings of Militia pilots, who will coordinate with the Convoy leaders to ensure their safe passage through deep space. Participating members of the Militia will earn three Militia Merits for their efforts.

Pilots interested in taking part–as Carriers or Militia Escort–are encouraged to sign up here.

For more information, see the official Christmas Carriers Convoy page.



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