Cartography Report: Issuance 07 : New Columbia

The system of Eol Prou RN-T d3-321 is located 174 Lightyears from Jaques Station Eol Prou RN-T d3-321 and is known as New Columbia. It contains one of the many Earth-like worlds that have been discovered and earmarked for future colonization in the Colonia Region. New Columbia is simply teeming with life, featuring an Ammonia World (Planet A 3) and several Gas Giants with life orbiting New Columbia B.


New Columbia is also rich in resources, featuring several asteroid belts, rings, and high metal content planets. Most of the moons orbiting the system’s gas giants are landfall planets as well, allowing for potential planetary outposts to be built.


The system is not without its sights either.  Visitors of New Columbia can look towards the Colonia Nebula to see the local star cluster filling the sky.  Specks of light surrounding the nebula that many of the galaxy’s wanderers and pioneers now call home.

Commander Alesia Signing off.



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