Drew Wagar Arrives At Jaques

Drew Wagar is a well-known, almost household, name throughout the civilised regions of the Milky Way. He is the author of the popular and definitive biography of Lady Kahina Loren and rumours have it that he is currently writing another book where he is compiling the recent events—some of which are still unfolding—in a definitive compendium of practical size.

It was a matter of time before Colonia attracted Drew’s attention; after all, Jaques’ mis-jump led to the founding of an entire colony that has just celebrated its 1000th member. As far as historical events go this is as big as it comes.

Drew decided to travel to Jaques and check the fledgling colony himself, thus avoiding hearsay and stories told by third parties. To prepare for the long journey, he equipped a modest Cobra Mk III—which he named “Lady Jane” and painted in the colours of the ancient Canadian flag—and set off for Colonia seven weeks ago.


The 22,000 Ly journey was far from uneventful; dangers lurk in every corner for the weary explorers. It takes a fraction of a second to make a mistake and one’s life is on the balance. Drew suffered some damage but thankfully nothing major, and he visited some popular nebulae in the process, like the Eagle Nebula and the Skaude Nebula.


When, finally, the Colonia Nebula became visible, Cmdr Kerrash and Cmdr Stephen Usher contacted Drew and arranged to meet him 1,500 Ly away from Jaques to provide escort for the last part of the journey.


Drew arrived at Jaques on Thursday 13 October 3302 and was greeted by many Commanders who waited to welcome him outside Jaques. Drew said:

But there was one final surprise. The good folks of the Colonia Citizens Network had turned out in force to welcome me in. Ships were chaffing and boosting all around. I felt very honoured to be part of this adventure in a distant part of space, having been part of this brave new outpost far out into the core of the galaxy.


The Gazette has contacted some of the Commanders present at the time of Drew’s arrival. Cmdr Souvarine said:

Drew Wagar is celebrated across the galaxy. Those of us who have a passion for seeking out the unknown love his work – so his novels are firm favourites among the CCN community! It was a real honour to welcome him to Colonia after his arduous journey. We hope he stays a while to spend some time with us out here on the frontier.


Cmdr Zil Zalo said to us:

It was fantastic to see such a good turnout to welcome yet another of the steady stream of Commanders visiting or relocating to Colonia. It really feels like we’re building something special out here – and of course, if you build it, they will come.


Cmdr Qohen Leth said:

Drew Wagar’s arrival at Colonia, aside from being another opportunity to gather round, chaff, and have a drink at Jaques’, means a lot to the people living around Jaques Station. And as a Custodian, it’s great to see CCN growing large enough so that a renowned author decides to check our humble colony himself.


Drew Wagar’s livestreamed arrival was the culmination of a very busy week where the CCN members are preparing to celebrate the arrival of the 1,000th member with the Running Man Grand Prix. The fledgling colony is becoming the hotspot of activity and growth and the months leading to the end of 3302 are going to be as busy, if not more.

Pictures courtesy of Cmdr Drew Wagar and Cmdr Qohen Leth.


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