Cartography Report : THE MIGHTY

The Mighty–also known as Kyloalks DL-Y G17 4–is an enormous world that weighs in with a frightening 9.9 Earth gravities, shattering the old records and providing pilots around the galaxy with a new challenge. Originally discovered by Cmdr Duck of Death, it was immediately apparent that The Mighty would be a challenge to overcome.

So far an event has already been arranged for the planet, details of which can be found here.

To reiterate the warnings already listed, The Mighty is a volatile, potentially fatal location for any pilots to visit, the smallest mishap most likely leading to death.


  • The Mighty is a 9.87G planet. Making a landing is difficult. Making a mistake will likely result in ship destruction. If you haven’t tried landing on a high-g planet before, this might not be the best one to try first.
  • Landing on high-g planets requires it’s own techniques. Watch this for a good tutorial.
  • When approaching the ground, do not fly over or near other landed ships. If you screw up, and crash into someone, both ships will most likely be destroyed.
  • Unless you know exactly what you are doing, do not touch your vertical thrusters. Briefly pulsing your down thrust will cause your ship to drop 20 kilometres or more before you can arrest the fall.
  • Be aware that taking off can be just as risky as landing. Watch your engine settings.
  • Be aware that with minimal thrusters, you may not have enough power to engage your FSD in a vertical orientation.
  • Be aware that if you have minimal thrusters, dismissing your ship may not work.

Dangers aside, the location is quite beautiful and will surely give visiting pilots a nice view as they tackle what could only be called one of the most dangerous accomplishments they could undertake, fighting with nature itself to simply dig their landing gear into the planet’s surface.

Since The Mighty is a recent find there are still very few images of the planet floating around. As such we encourage our pilots to enjoy these photos taken by user optimal_909 on the forums.


Commander Alesia signing out.



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