CCN Presents: The Running Man Grand Prix

Only three days left for the celebration of the 1,000th CCN member, with the Running Man Grand Prix.

Are you going to be there with us?

The Colonia Gazette

This is not just any canyon. This is not just any race.

This is not just any Network.

 Video unavailable on mobile devices. Music credit: The Spencer Davis Group

Eight weeks ago, the Colonia Citizens Network was launched to provide a rallying point and Colonial identity for all those looking to make their home in or pass through the Colonia Nebula.

October will see the thousandth member join the community.

CCN invites you to celebrate by joining us in a race on the most fearsome track yet found in Colonia.


Location: EOL PROU RS-T D3-509 B 2 A
Date:         Saturday 22nd October
Time:        17:00 for 18:00 start (Streaming from 17:00)

Discovered by Qohen Leth, the Running Man is a treacherous network of deep gullies, sandy plains and dark, winding crevasses on a tiny misshapen rock orbiting a ringed Ammonia world, twenty five light years below…

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