The Starport Folio Week 3: Earthbound

Sparks here! Today’s edition will differ from the usual routine. While exploring for amazing sights, I managed to obtain enough information about Earth-like worlds near Colonia to make this edition dedicated to them. Hope you enjoy! Explore. Create. Inspire.


System: Eol Prou WY-R d4-1300
Distance from Colonia: 84.23 light years
Discoverer: Mr Crown Vic
Photography Credit: Mr Crown Vic

Just like mankind’s original system of Sol, this system has a total of nine planets, although there are a variety of differences that make it unique. This system has two stars, and each has its very own set of planets orbiting them. Located 1,481 light seconds from the system’s central star, this planet is the furthest out, and was given the nickname Oceana for its vast amount of water—it’s actually almost twice the size of Earth in mass!

Eol Prou QT-Q d5-57eoch_proo_qt-q_d5-57oct082016_14

System: Eol Prou QT-Q d5-57
Distance from Colonia: 1,532.82 light years
Discoverer: Cmdr Shaux Faux
Photography Credit: Cmdr Shaux Faux

This large system is magnificent and quite a beauty. It has a total of three stars and 15 planets, and when standing on one of them one would have the unusual phenomenon of three shadows! Cmdr Shaux has made it his own personal goal to discover Earth-like worlds and has a list of almost 100 of them, 30 of which are located near Colonia. I can definitely see a bright and green future for us out here.


System: Agnairt QK-E d12-2333
Distance from Colonia: 3,262.96 light years
Discoverer: Cmdr Jason Thorpe
Photography Credit:Cmdr Jason Thorpe

This planet is on a very long list of Earth-like planets being discovered by our Exploration Wing here in Colonia. The system actually has two planets of interest located next to each other, the other being a water world. The planet seems to be frozen throughout 35-40% of its surface, which could indicate a transformation either into or out of a ‘snowball’ state. The system is a single star system with a total of eight planets, the rest being rocky worlds.

Eol Prou US-J c9-130unknown2

System: Eol Prou US-J c9-130
Distance from Colonia: 93.71 light years
Discoverer: Cmdr Mr Crown Vic
Photography Credit: Cmdr BranchesOfSins

This system was given to me without an image so I ventured out to look for it – this is what I found! A beauty of a planet located less than four jumps out from Colonia.  Flying this close, I can definitely see this planet being colonized sometime in the near future. Although it’s not a full view of the entire planet you can see that this world has a lot of landmass, yet it is only a third the size of Earth!

Eol Prou PS-I c10-200screenshot_0291

System: Eol Prou PS-I c10-200
Distance from Colonia: 87.28 light years
Discoverer: Cmdr Jason Thorpe
Photography Credit: Cmdr Jason Thorpe

On that same list of habitable planets, this one lies closer to our home than most other Earth-likes we have discovered. I love this image due to the fade from darkness to light on the surface of the planet, giving it an eerie greenish-brown glow on the horizon.

That concludes this edition of the Starport Folio! Next edition will continue back to the normal routine of discussing various subjects with Commanders and delving into everyday life here in Colonia.

Thanks for reading and, till next time, Sparks out.


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