The Running Man Grand Prix: CCN 1,000th Colonist Celebration

When CCN was launched not so long ago, no one dreamt that it would gather such momentum. A simple concept really—a community gathered around the newly found Jaques Station after the famous misjump—became something else entirely, a beacon of hope and the gathering place of more than 1,000 colonists in less than two months. Despite the vast distances between Colonia and the Bubble, people have been flocking to the new Colony to start a brand new life away from the political chaos and the prospect of war that is bubbling there.

The message of love and hope never fades. Colonia offers both in abundance and more: community, freedom from slavery and petty politics, security, a chance for a new start, a chance to shape one’s life as one desires. The message was received clearly by the 1,000 people that have already made Colonia their home.

In celebration of the momentous growth, the Custodians organised the Running Man Grand Prix. Fun and challenge were in the minds of Cmdrs Qohen Leth and Souvarine when the event was conceived, and in that they succeeded fully.


The Running Man race track was discovered by Qohen Leth and is, as Souvarine described, “a treacherous network of deep gullies, sandy plains and dark, winding crevasses on a tiny misshapen rock orbiting a ringed Ammonia world, twenty-five light years below Jaques Station.”


At the starting line.

The rules were simple:

  • Only Jaques Vipers were permitted
  • Racers had to stay below 300 metres
  • They had to survive three laps
  • And most important of all, have fun!

An hour before the event Souvarine introduced DJ Truthsayer, a popular holovid personality, with whom he chatted until the beginning of the race. Their interesting discussion ranged over many subjects, from Bubble politics to the newly-formed Colonia society.


Roaring ahead.

With nineteen pilots signed up for the event the organisers split the race into three heats. The first two heats were subject to the race regulations, in which one half of the competing pilots took part in each. The third heat was a free-for-all, in which many race rules were waived. Each of the three heats consisted of three laps.


In the heat of the race.

The track proved as treacherous as Souvarine had described it. So much so that only two racers made it to the finish line of the second heat, with the rest giving their insurance companies a rather nasty surprise.


One yellow limbo pole.

To make things even trickier for the competitors Cmdr Bob Dobilina arrived in his yellow Orca, which he placed across a narrow part of the canyon known as the Colonia Connection. The competitors had to pass safely underneath the Orca or risk disqualification. Bob joined the final heat and raced next to the Vipers.


Getting ready for the third heat.

The winner of the first heat was Cmdr Qwertyuiopas who managed to sail comfortably through the three laps, finishing first by a large margin. He was followed by Cmdr Bimse in second place and Cmdr Hotto Dogu in third.


Marking the track.

The only two pilots to finish the second heat were Cmdr Gerbilz in first place and Cmdr MostlyAwol in second.

Finally, in the third heat, Cmdr Maximilian Reach finished first, followed by Cmdr MostlyAwol in second place and Cmdr Muthan in third.


Ready to go.

The winners–as well as MostlyAwol, who deserves special mention due to his impressive final position in two heats–were awarded with the special Race Master badge, designed by Cmdr CoolGuy6316.


Celebrations with intense chaffing.

Our TV crew consisted of Cmdrs Sparkles, Gerbilz, Wishblend and Qohen Leth. Wishblend also helped to mark the start and finish lines.

Finally, special thanks go to the amazing Fuel Rat Cmdr Tharrn, who kindly refuelled the competitors, allowing them to remain at the track long into the night.


Fuel Rats are always awesome and amazing.

The event was a huge success and all participants said that they had thoroughly enjoyed it. Cmdr Qwertyuiopas said:

It felt great to win after a super intense three laps with commander bimse right behind me most of the time. I always have so much fun at these events.


Ready to begin the heat.

Cmdr Wishblend said:

I turned up at the racing event looking to spectate as I was not planning to compete this time, offering myself as a race marker. I was at the start and finish line marker and just soaked up the atmosphere as the race took place. I might have a go later but I enjoyed myself so I may join next time.


In the third heat.

It was a beautiful, modest celebration for CCN’s 1,000 members; and rumour has it that the organisers are looking for more devious tracks suitable for racing in the systems around Colonia. Here’s to celebrating 2,000 CCN members soon!


Chaffs are fun.

Photo credits: Cmdrs Qohen Leth, Sternmann, bimse, Bob Dobilina, and Wishblend.


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