Cartography Report 08 : Light Headed

Blaa Phoe JX-T e3-26 is located between Gigarin Gate (Gru Hypue KS-T d3-31) and Polo Harbour (Boewnst KS-S c20-959).   Blaa Phoe JX-T e3-26 holds a very rare planet type found the depths of space, Helium-rich Gas Giants.  Not one, or two even, but 22 of the rare gas giants in all sizes and shapes.  The system even features a Water World (Planet B 11) and a Terraformable High Metal Content Planet (Planet B 9).


Regretfully, there are no landfall moons or planets for intrepid explorers to investigate. Only allowing for only for photo opportunities and data collection.  With the variety of Helium-Rich Gas Giants in this system explorers should study the system map in order to recognize several key features of Helium-Rich Gas Giants, such as the definitive lighter bands around the equators, that will help with recognizing the rare planets in other solar systems.


Plant B 5


With the location of Blaa Phoe JX-T e3-26, it will no doubt pose as a popular visitor’s spot for those traveling the long path from the human bubble to the Colonia System.

Commander Alesia signing off. 



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