Earth Defense Fleet Pledges To The Colonia Militia Forces

In what will be seen as a significant move by galactic commentators today, the Earth Defense Fleet (EDF) have completed negotiations with CCN to join the Colonia Nebula’s mutual defence agreement.

The EDF is one of the oldest, most active and well-respected private military corporations in the Federation. Having close ties to President Zachary Hudson, they count many ex-Federal Navy officers within their ranks and frequently provide support to the Navy. Originally founded in Sol, they are currently based in the Okinura system.


The EDF have dispatched a division, which will be known as the Earth Expeditionary Fleet (EEF) and will maintain a semi-permanent presence in the Colonia Nebula.

Commander Electrikcat, wing leader of the EEF, had this to say to the Gazette yesterday:

“This is a good opportunity to get to Colonia and establish ourselves in the new bubble. This will also be a good chance to prove that humans from all walks of life, be they Imperial, Federal or independent, can work together towards a common goal and make things happen.”

Cmdr Electrikcat will join the leaders of the other significant groups active in the Nebula on the Colonia Council, which meets at Colonia Hub, the administrative seat of the growing community.


The administrative seat of Colonia

Dalilah William, spokesperson for the Colonia Council, issued the following statement:

“With the Earth Defense Fleet joining us, we welcome one of the most important Federation groups to Colonia. We are thrilled that the EDF share our vision for a free and independent Colonia Nebula.”

The Gazette understands that the EEF will join the Colonia Militia Forces, the mutual defence agreement for the Colony. This joint task force now sits at twelve participatory groups, with all three superpowers represented.


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