Explorer on Tour Pledges To Support CCN

The Explorer on Tour (EoT) group have completed negotiations with the Colonia Council and agreed to support CCN in any capacity necessary—military, scientific or humanitarian.

The Explorer On Tour is a large, active organisation that is based on Foden Orbital station in Toluku. Their core values are based on the principles of exploration, science and research, while staying away from political or factional intrigues as well as the maintaining an independent position of the three superpowers. They consider themselves a group of true pioneers driven by their thirst for exploring the unknown. In their own words:

Humanity always strives for the unknown and strange. We always probe the frontier and gain knowledge through failure or loss to achieve progress: progress in technology, progress in medicine, progress in warfare and progress in expanding our borders in space. It always has been this way. It always will be…


Largo Ormand, one of the four EoT founders, told the Gazette:

“We followed the development and the attitude of the Colonia Citizens Network with great interest. Your principles of freedom and peace, as well as your thirst for knowledge, are exactly the principles Explorer on Tour was founded upon. The creation of the new colony, the establishment of a science-oriented society and the building of working infrastructure are the best conditions to shape a future for humanity. A better future.

“The Explorer on Tour will support the Colonia Citizens Network officially. We will send relief as well as new settlers, together with scientists for support. We will send ships that are part of our EES (Explorer Escort Service) force to protect civilians and scientists and to strengthen the Colonia Militia Forces. Several EoT commanders will be part of the Christmas Carriers Convoy heading for the new colony.

“Individual Commanders are already there. Some are on their way and a lot more will follow!”


Dalilah William, spokesperson for the Colonia Council, issued the following statement:

“We are thrilled to welcome Explorer on Tour to Colonia and their generous contribution to the new colony and its defences. Our colony is strengthened by a common vision for peace and freedom, unfettered by factional rivalries.”

The Gazette understands that the EES will join the Colonia Militia Forces, the mutual defence agreement for the Colony, together with twelve other participatory groups.


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