Fungal Growth Discovered on Colonia 3 C A

In a momentous turn of events, a CCN Exploration Wing pilot has discovered what could only be described as fungal growths of various types on the sides of Silicate Geysers on a small moon.  Located at coordinates 47.21 -174.16 of Colonia 3 C A, a mere 2,000 light seconds from Jaques station, the fungus has been growing right under the Colonia community’s noses.

Registered as ’Alesia’ with the Pilot’s Federation, the discoverer made the announcement after she had completed her analysis of the area and reported to the Colonia Council.

A link to her original report can be read here:


While it remains to be seen what impact this discovery could have–recognizable life growing in a airless, hostile environment–pilots are discouraged from disturbing the flora until a formal study can be conducted.

Julian “Frenjo” McCoy, a senior scientist in the CCN’s new Alien Research division, had this to say this morning:

“The discovery of life, particularly in such a remote region as the Colonia Nebula, is a remarkable scientific achievement. I believe that this find places new emphasis on the importance of colonization, and expanding human knowledge of the rest of the galaxy.”

Here is a visual guide to the biological entities that can be found.


Cordycep Growth


Mussidaen Seed Pod


Polyporous Growth


Phloem Excretion

Pilots wishing to visit the site will find this location data useful.


With this discovery right in our own Colonia system, the CCN will be looking forward to a new era of exploration and discovery.

Fly Safe, CCN Correspondence Team


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