CCN Welcomes Galactic Nebula Expedition

As if further evidence were needed that Colonia is the perfect home for the galaxy’s growing legion of intrepid explorers, the Galactic Nebula Expedition rolled into town on Saturday evening. Around 30 commanders met up on Colonia 2A for a well-earned period of downtime from their long and ongoing journey, with many more believed to be availing themselves of the many distractions in Jaques Station.


Photo courtesy of Commander Maximilian Reach



Photo courtesy of Commander May


The GNE left the Bubble on 3rd September, and has taken in several spectacular nebulae on its journey which, ultimately, will conclude at Sagittarius A* on 26th November. There, the expedition will rendezvous with another epic quest, the Colonia Core Circuit (C3E).

GNE participant Commander CyborgPirate, who is ambitiously piloting a T-9, said of the trip’s arrival in Colonia:

“So far I’m loving it! The star sky is so much prettier than in the bubble”.

The expeditionary fleet is expected to stay for a few days before moving off towards their next checkpoint, perhaps assisting with the current Community Goal by mining palladium. Several commanders last night had fun and games attempting to land on a 9.9G world, with predictably smashing results.

Seeing Jaques for themselves may persuade more pilots to relocate to this fledgling hinterland. Indeed, Commander Ian Doncaster explained:

“I’d originally intended to take a route back to the Bubble. Now, I’ll definitely be returning to Colonia after the GNE, and making plans to stay here long-term.”

There is no doubt the citizens of the Colonia Nebula have been delighted with this visit and would welcome both similar expeditions in the future, as well as any explorers who decide to relocate here and use the area as a base from which to launch journeys of their own.


Photo courtesy of Commander Maximilian Reach


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