Cartography Report 09 : Colonia Volcanism

This week the Cartography Report will be taking a look at something more local than usual: locations of volcanic activity around our own Colonia system. Thus far sites of varying sizes and forms have been found around the system, including moons 2 A, 5 E A, and 7 A A.

Moon 2 A is home to Colonia Hub as well as a nearby iron magma fumaroles (Coordinates 61.72, 38.53). First found by Cmdr Varonica, the location is just North of Colonia Hub, providing an easy reference point for pilots seeking it.


The fumaroles expel gasses that are thin and black, meaning that an SRV’s headlights will easily wash out any trace of them.


One of the black gas-spewing furmaroles of Colonia 2 A, with attached crystal cluster

First found by Cmdr Danteuk (Coordinates 46.3 -110.1), the known location with volcanic activity on Colonia 5 E A is almost the same as on Colonia 2 A, but with one major difference. The iron magma fumaroles tower above a typical SRV and even some of the smaller ships.


Leaking the same black smoke as the fumaroles on Colonia 2 A means that pilots wishing to view them in action are advised to turn their SRV’s lights off. Materials can also be gathered at the location, with many fumaroles growing multiple patches of crystals or pebble upon their surface.

Finally we come to Colonia 7 A A that has, by far, the most spectacular volcanic activity found so far: the red hot Silicate Geysers. The location was initially spotted by the CCN’s own Cmdr Tharrn, who caught sight of them from quite a few kilometers above the surface. (Coordinates 40.13 -151.83)


CMDR Alesia and Jason Thorpe visiting the Silicate Geysers of Colonia 7 A A

Despite the location being in the shade or at night, the views are stunning with the bright specks of light spattering the side of the mountain with a fiery brilliance. The usual crystalline structures can be found growing on the geysers for material harvesting.


CMDR Tharrn during his initial survey of the area

While the search is still ongoing in the Colonia systems, these three locations will no doubt be of interest to those willing to seek out areas of volcanic activity.

Cmdr Alesia signing out.



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