The Starport Folio Week 4: Approaching Winter

Brace yourselves, for winter is coming – and with that I’m glad to showcase another edition of the Starport Folio! Explore. Create. Inspire.

Arms Of The Devilunknown

System name: Eol prou kr-w e1-1387
Distance from Colonia: 186.30LY
Photography credit: Cmdr Bob Dobilina
Discovered by: Unknown

While heading back to Colonia from my recent trip to the bubble, I ran across Cmdr Bob again. I knew it was him without having to even scan him – who else flies a yellow orca around these parts of space?

I was using the Neutron Highway, heading back to the Bubble. I’ve been making round trips escorting passengers between Colonia and the Bubble using the highway – it’s really great profit! Probably the highest way to make profit at the moment.
-Cmdr Bob Dobilina

Jewel In The Crownagnairt_rk-e_d12-2210_20161007-014000

System name: Agnairt RK-E d12-2210
Distance from Colonia: 3,261.09LY
Photography credit: Cmdr Jason Thorpe
Discovered by: Cmdr Jason Thorpe

This caught me way off guard. Normally when I meet Cmdr Thorpe he tells me about his adventures, but this time he came to me with a discovery as well. Still around three hours from the Bubble, this Earth-like with rings is a beauty of a planet.

I have discovered so many Earth-like planets I lost track ages ago. But it’s not every day you come across a POI with rings. In all my days I have only discovered three other Earth-like planets with rings, this being the fourth.
-Cmdr Jason Thorpe

Souvarine Nebulaeorgh_prou_qd-w_c17-345_20161012-015536

System name: Eorgh Prou QD-W c17-345
Distance from Colonia: 989.72LY
Photography credit: Cmdr Jason Thorpe
Discovered by: Cmdr Jason Thorpe

Although not discovered by Souvarine, a Custodian here in the Colonia Citizens Network, this dwarf nebula was given the nickname the ‘Souvarine Nebula’ by Cmdr Jason Thorpe. Only about an hour from Colonia, it’s a magnificent sight and I can definitely see this becoming a tourism spot in the near future.

Small nebulas like these are not all that uncommon – you can find them while on your adventures quite often. The only difficulty you might have would be spotting them in the first place, as they are sometimes tiny. Since it was so close to Colonia I decided ‘heck, why not’, and nicknamed it after Souvarine – it’s the least I could do.
-Cmdr Jason Thorpe

Hazy Skiesdryooe_prou_ih-c_d2017jul112016

System name: Dryooe Prou IH-C d2017
Distance from Colonia: 1,112.28LY
Photography credit: Cmdr Shaux Faux
Discovered by: Cmdr Shaux Faux

A sight you can’t see at the Bubble is this beautiful starry night sky with a magnificent view of the Dryrooe Prou Nebula. Although it’s not the Colonia Nebula, it is just as beautiful.

The Dustbowltepuae_cm-j_d10-48aug262016_21

System name: Tepuae CM-J d10-48
Distance from Colonia: 4,680.30LY
Photography credit: Cmdr Shaux Faux
Discovered by: Cmdr Shaux Faux

Whether it be on purpose or by chance, here’s yet another nebula from Cmdr Faux. The planet itself goes well with the nebula because the colors blend together perfectly, and the nebula really catches the ’dusty’ atmosphere given off by this distant world.

I have a thing for nebulas – every time I pass one I just have to take a photo of it from the surface of the planet. It’s just a habit of mine. A rather good one in my opinion!
-Cmdr Shaux Faux

That’s it for this edition of the Starport Folio. I hope you guys enjoyed and thank you for reading my work. See you around Colonia!

Sparks out.


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