Cartography Report : 10 : The Oberon Nebula

Edit: the Oberon Nebula has been approved by the Galactic Star Map board!

The Ancient Earth lore associated with this nebula is as follows: Titania, Queen of Faeries, was cursed by Oberon with a magical flower that would cause her to fall in love with the first person she saw. That person happened to be Nick Bottom, a weaver by trade who possessed the head of a donkey. Oberon was left jealously watching over them.


Titania, a neutron star, viewed from the ‘Weaver’ system through the nebula (dot at the center of the image)

Titania (KYLOABS ND-S E4-9473)

A neutron system that forms the ‘heart’ or main star of the Oberon Nebula. It has many rings, some of which are very large; the largest has a whopping 13,094,444 km outer radius.

The rings are also thin and ephemeral, like the wings of a fairy, and are hard to see even by the illumination the nebula provides. The sky of Titania is filled with faint blue and pink nebula wisps, often mixing into purple.

Moons 1 B and 4 are both ringed and have no atmosphere, and are thus landable without specialist atmospheric flight equipment.


The rings of stellar object 3, as viewed from 100 ls away

The ‘sterile’ light of Titania lends a surreal and eerie feel to the surface of the local moons. 4 F A, in particular, has deep canyons that descend kilometers down to flat floors. Blade-like ridges add to the alien atmosphere.


Weaver (KYLOABS ZS-U C18-2667)

The class K5 VA star system shares the Oberon planetary nebula with Titania. It has only a single terraformable water world and six icy bodies. Weaver is full of dark blue nebula wisps.


Titania and Weaver can both be seen as the two bright stars near the heart of the nebula

The distance between the Weaver and Titania systems is 0.23 ly, only 0.01 ly further than the distance between Alpha Centauri A and Hutton Orbital.

Signing off, Cmdr Alesia



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