Dear Pythia: Scouts and Running the Red


Dear Pythia,

I’m the only female mechanic at my backwater mining outpost. A 4th generation wrench wench and damn proud of it. As you can imagine, it’s difficult for me to meet someone that’s not a co-worker or a rock jockey. Well, I finally met a guy when he came in on a temporary guard detail. Nice hair, cute butt, didn’t mind my oil stained jumpsuit. Everything was working out great until he offered to take me out on a date with his ship.

OK… look, I’m not a materialist, I’m a mechanic. So how am I to deal with dreamy over here, flying an Asp Scout?! Who does that? We don’t even have parts for this thing; No one has parts for it because who would fly one? So now I’m stuck. I want to see him again but… I.. just don’t know. The worst part is, he loves the thing. Do you think I can convince him to right his ways?



Dear Sad-in-a-Scout,

Ultimately everyone must find the amount of unfortunate qualities they are willing to overlook in a partner. That is a conversation you must have with yourself.

As for him, here is a man that successfully found a way to buy a Cobra Mk III for 1100% the price. Why he would do such a thing, is a conversation you have to have with him. If you arrive at the end of both of these conversations without a satisfactory answer, you could always break his ship. I mean, you have the know-how and who would have the parts?


Dear Pythia,

After much negotiation, I finally relented and began taking my girlfriend on my trade missions. Its great, she’s a whiz at navigation and once tore into tower control with some expletives that were as brutal as they were creative, just for putting us in a queue. I’ve never been slotted so quickly!

The only problem is that she has a quirk. When I enter at high speeds on the red it gives her a significant… rush. Don’t get me wrong, ‘docking’ after that is phenomenal! However, I’ve been doing it so often now that the fees are seriously impacting my profitability. Money aside, the danger of losing my ship or hurting someone, is ever present. What would you suggest?  



Dear In-the-Red,

While I applaud your acceptance of your partner’s proclivities, I cannot condone illegal activities. Red-Running is to be avoided as a means for a cheap thrill. That would be irresponsible of me and the Gazette.

Which means that I cannot tell you, in good conscience, that the Saud Kruger Orca Liner is a serviceable trader that gets preferential docking priority. I could not add that it is a sturdy ship that would come out favorably in nearly any collision. Lastly, I most certainly cannot say that, I myself, found the Saud Kruger post-red-running docking accommodations to be far superior.



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