The Starport Folio Week 5: Thanksgiving Season

Sparks here! Holiday fever is in the air with it approaching that time of the year again. Today I am feeling pretty thankful for my new fantastic home here in Colonia – may it forever prosper. With that, I would like to dedicate this edition to Colonia, and as usual, enjoy! Explore. Create. Inspire.

A Great Journey20161105210030_1

System: Colonia
Distance from Colonia: 0.0 ly
Photography Credit: Cmdr Conspiracy
Discovered by: Cmdr Cly

We have a wonderful sight here, the start to a great journey. This photo was taken at the first waypoint of the Colonia Core Circuit Expedition (C3E), right before take off! I am currently participating in the expedition as well (that Beluga in the background is me – unfortunately due to some unexpected circumstances I took my Asp Explorer to the expedition, instead of my Beluga). We will be arriving at waypoint two today, which will be in Simmic Kyloaln (System: Kyloaln GR-W e1-5394).


System: Unknown
Distance from Colonia: Unknown
Photography credit: Cmdr Conspiracy
Discovered by: Unknown

Taken by a fellow expedition member, Cmdr Conspiracy, this image was taken somewhere between waypoint one and two during our expedition. Cmdr Conspiracy is the only Beluga participating in the expedition and is a very valuable member of the team.

Being the only Beluga leaves me feeling very anxious when I arrive at our destinations. Some of the planets we are landing on have very high gravity and unfortunately Belugas don’t have very strong shields so I end up having to be extra careful when landing. I take pride in being the only Beluga on this expedition.
-Cmdr Conspiracy


System: Screaka QE-M b35-57
Distance from Colonia: 4403.90 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Jason Thorpe
Discovered by: Cmdr Jason Thorpe

Screaka Nebula looks very similar to Colonia Nebula and is 4400 Ly away (just over three hours journey). Our exploration team is currently collecting a large database of all the nebulae in the entire Milky Way Galaxy in a project called the Galactic Mapping Project.

I spend most of my day mapping for the project. Most of the data submitted in the database has been uploaded by me, so I take pride in the project.
-Jason Thorpe

The Stargazerimg_0104

System: Colonia
Distance from Colonia: 0.0 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Stryker
Discovered by: Cmdr Cly

The view from one of the planets in Colonia, truly a stunning sight to behold.

Sometimes when I am exploring, I enjoy landing on planets and just gazing off at the stars. There’s just something beautiful about looking off in the distance from a unknown world.
-Cmdr Stryker


System name: Agnaix EM-A c2-10
Distance from Colonia: 5866.00 ly
Photography Credit: Cmdr Shaux Faux
Discovered by: Cmdr Shaux Faux

Yet another nebula view from Cmdr Shaux Faux. This is the third nebula view from a planet’s surface that he has given me and always just as stunning as ever.

That’s it for this week, thank you so much for reading and as usual looking forward to next week! Sparks out.


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