Stellar Remnants – C3E Journal

Ship Log: 11-11-3302. CMDR Valiant Crick.
System: Simmic Kyloaln Nebula (Kyloaln GR-W E1-5394)
Ship Designation: ‘Meili’
C3E Expedition: Day 05

It’s been a fascinating journey so far. Just over 3,000 ly in and I’ve already experienced far more interesting sights than I’d hoped at this point. Checking in with others on the expedition it appears that I’ve taken a far more relaxed pace so far, with many having already passed the first waypoint days ago. As such I’ve scarcely seen any of my comrades since the initial departure from Colonia. Thankfully, the comms systems are allowing us to keep in touch and report findings to each other, with many great sights and fascinating curiosities being shared each day.

My own journey has been quite exciting. In the space of one day and just under 1000 ly I experienced many personal firsts, including a sizeable Black Hole, three Neutron Stars, Earth-like worlds and two White Dwarfs! For many I understand these are but an everyday occurrence, yet from my perspective, these sights are something truly special. I’m sure at some point they’ll become more mundane, as they have for many veteran explores, but for now I’m quite happy to bask in my own scientific curiosities.


On approach to our first waypoint; the stunning Simmic Kyloaln Nebula

The other days brought many interesting sights as the Simmic Kyloaln Nebula became closer and closer. Particular note goes to the unusual planetary orbits I’ve discovered. While most star systems in the human bubble follow very similar orbital patterns, I’ve found that here in the core the orbits are far more chaotic and seemingly less logical. This has been wonderful to witness, and has encouraged me on multiple occasions to delve into my scan data to attempt to understand why the orbits are so unique.

So far it seems to just be the nature of the core which causes this, the density of stars and other phenomena seemingly creating a sort of gravitational chaos that throws everything around. The best part however, is how logical it all is – despite some oddities, it’s still quantifiable and understandable once you delve into it. Unfortunately, this also means that quite a lot of the planets around here tend to be very barren and dull. Interesting geographical features aside, the planets around here are largely quite similar and I’ve barely found myself making landings at all.


The worlds here might often be barren, but stunning views can still be found

It hasn’t all been easy either. The dangers of the core have already reared their ugly faces and taught me some very valuable lessons! The main one being that an explorer so far from home should always be on alert – complacency would seem to be the greatest threat out here. Simply not looking at my information panel as I charged my Frame Shift Drive would prove to be a serious error as I was dropped right into the particle stream of a rather large White Dwarf. Thankfully, despite a scary few moments spent spinning as I wrestled to regain control, I was able to escape the stream and move into normal space. The damage to my ship is very minor, but with many light years still ahead I’ll need to ensure that I pay more attention in future jumps. I must say it’s certainly not a lesson I will forget anytime soon, hopefully the promised update to our navigation systems will upload soon and incidents like this will become less frequent.


White Dwarf stars provide both excitement and terror in equal measure

Outside of that small incident, the rest of the journey has been quite relaxing and I’m grateful I made the decision to take my time reaching this waypoint. I’m disappointed that more of my fellow Commanders aren’t in the nebula with me, but the sight of this supernova remnant dancing around the gravitational lensing of a black hole is more than enough reward for now.


It cannot last, however; the pace of the expedition is picking up and I’ll need to cover a lot more light years in order to ensure I’m not left behind. Our expedition leader Cmdr Satsuma gave word that our first basecamp may be shifting slightly, mainly due to the issues with certain stellar objects I mentioned earlier. It seems many other Commanders have already arrived and are busy scouting out other locations. I look forward to the rendezvous in three days’ time and my first visit to the famous Blue Lilies Nebula.

CCN Bulletin

To All CCC XBox pilots: CMDR Dr YayoMeister offers his private group for the convoy and will be coordinating the XBox departure. He’s US timezone (IGT/UTC+6), so please see with him for date and time, and procedure.


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