Cartography Report: 11 : EOCH PROO AA-A H220 – Mazarbul

Located below Colonia along the path to Colonia Point (Thaee Pruae AA-A H5) Lies EOCH PROO AA-A H220.  It’s a black hole system with four class M stars orbiting the central body.

While these stars do shine brightly their light never seems to reach any of their moons, leaving the gas giants and rocky bodies cloaked in shadow.


One of Star 4’s gas giants framed against the galactic disk

A single rocky moon, however, is terraformable: EOCH PROO AA-A H220 3 E sits right in its parent sun’s habitable zone; and, despite being a small rocky body, is a potential target for terraforming companies.


The system has one other major feature – though it is one favorable to mining companies rather than sightseers.  The system in total contains four gas giants with metal-rich ring systems and five with rocky ring systems.  The most valuable of these is EOCH PROO AA-A H220 1 A, a metal-rich ring system that weighs in at a heavy 19,734,563,296 metric tons with an outer radius of 820,705km.  However, the system is unlikely to be exploited for mining due to the immense distance needed to travel in order to move any mined material beyond its borders.


In the end EOCH PROO AA-A H220 is an interesting place to visit, if a foreboding one.  The inky darkness hiding planets and moons from sight until they are highlighted by the galactic core is by far one of the most awe-inspiring moments a pilot can experience.

Commander Alesia signing off.



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