CCN Three Months Old Today!

The 22nd November marks the 90th day since CCN was launched back in August. As we look back on our first three months as a community, we wish to revisit two special occasions from the beginnings of the Network.

The Jaunt to Jaques

The Jaunt to Jaques – August Exodus was the enormous community event that gave rise to CCN. Organised by Erimus Kamzel, unrealisation, Helms Deep and Jonas Treesong, this huge convoy–raised as a response to Olivia Vespera’s famous call to save Jaques Station–brought hundreds of pilots to Colonia.



The Colony’s First Canyon Race

As the Jaunt to Jaques arrived at Jaques Station, CCN officially launched on August 22nd 3302. To celebrate, Cmdr Mosta organised the inaugural Colony event – what was to become the first of many.


The Gazette congratulates all Colonists on the incredibly community you’ve built! Here’s to the months and years ahead.


Videos created by Maximilian Reach, CCN Media Team
Photography credit: Qohen Leth


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