The Starport Folio Week 6: C3E Photo Collage

Sparks here! This is a special edition focusing on the Colonia Core Circuit Expedition (C3E) so far. We will feature eleven images in total, which will be the first edition in which we’ve showcased over five images.

The first set will be all the images I gathered before and after Waypoint 3, as well as two images from Waypoint 2. The second will be of the Waypoint 3 meet up. Hope you all enjoy it!

Please do remember that the Christmas Carriers Convoy is coming up soon – there will be a Starport Folio edition focusing on it while it’s taking place, so if you’d like to be a part of that sign up for it and I’ll look forward to seeing you there.

With that, here’s to a very special edition. Enjoy! Explore. Create. Inspire.

Sunset Valley359320_screenshots_20161119163811_1

System name: Athaip IH-D C28-507
Distance from Colonia: 10477.15 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Fractal Shard

Probably the greatest view I have seen in a long time, This location is in between Waypoints 4 and 5 showcasing a real close up view of the sun as well as some iron fumerols!

Never quite been put on the spot like this, but I have to admit if I can say anything about this image, I am glad I took part in this expedition.
-Cmdr Fractal Shard

Green Lanternimg_0072

System name: DUMBAA XT-M B35-154
Distance from Colonia: 6108.30 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Alesia

This geyser is actually quite impressive – gas and water jettisoning out at the same time! This is the first I have seen of such a thing, quite a beauty if you ask me. The photo was taken by our renowned explorer out in Colonia Cmdr Alesia. She’s participating in C3E.

Distant Echoesimg_0071

System name: Kyloaln GR-W e1-5394
Distance from Colonia: 3338.67 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Valiant Crick

This location is actually the second waypoint for C3E. It features a black hole inside a planetary nebula which, when approached, bends the nebula around it making one of the most beautiful views around a black hole you’ll ever see.

The photographer Cmdr Valiant Crick (an attendee in the expedition) also happens to be on the Colonia media team.

This was my first visit to the famous supernova remnant. As a newcomer to not only the system but also the core itself I found the view offered just outside the exclusion zone to be quite breathtaking. The way the black hole warped the nebula which surrounds it was definitely something I hadn’t experienced before. It was a wonderful example of just one of the beautiful sights that can really only be found in this region of space.
-Cmdr Valiant Crick

Simmic KyloalnHighResScreenShot_2016-11-12_19-26-34.jpg

System name: Kyloaln GR-W e1-5394
Distance from Colonia: 3338.67 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Sneek

Given to me by one of the participants of the expedition Cmdr Cometborne, this image was taken at the waypoint two meet up by Cmdr Sneek. Unfortunately I did not have the privilege of speaking to Cmdr Sneek myself, but this was his remastered picture of the meetup which was edited splendidly. I did not have the chance to show up at this meet up due to some unexpected FSD malfunctions but I heard it was very successful!

Fountain of YouthVWtP9cJ.png

System name: Dumbaa PS-R c18-2660
Distance from Colonia: 6158.07 ly
Photography credit: Agh42

Yet another geyser, this one discovered by Cmdr Agh42. This was his first geyser discovery and quite a magnificent one too. Cmdr Agh42 is also responsible for discovering the new base site for Waypoint 3.

It is located relatively close to the third waypoint, just like the previous geyser. A magnificent sight of a water geyser giving its best performance – truly a sight to behold.

I couldn’t believe it when my discovery was made nearby the new waypoint. These we’re actually the first geysers I ever discovered at all!

I joined this expedition to learn tips and tricks for exploration from the most experienced Commanders. They are all incredibly open-minded and helpful. I wish to thank Cmdr Alesia especially for sharing her method of finding geysers. This was as much her discovery as it was mine.
-Cmdr Agh42


System name: Dumbae GY-G d11-796
Distance from Colonia: 9429.78 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Omurqi

The only image surpassing the third waypoint, this image shows a high metal content (HMC) planet orbiting a ringed gas giant. The gas giant was also orbited by three other HMC planets, making it quite a profitable system despite not featuring any high-end celestial bodies such as the Ammonia, Earth-like or water worlds.

Wasn’t quite expecting the profit to be made from this system. The only reason I scanned it completely was simply because I plan on getting my name on as many systems as possible while on this expedition! Each time I scanned a planet my heart raced at the total count of HMC planets being scanned. It finally ended at a total of four HMCs.
-Cmdr Omurgi

Distant Blue LiliesDumbaa_PS-R_c18-2660_20161114-211528.png

System name: Dumbaa PS-R c18-2660
Distance from Colonia: 6158.07 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Agh42

Currently from where I write this report, this is the third waypoint and I concur it was a beautiful sight indeed. Featuring our original third waypoint,  the DUMBAA Nebula, in the background, the planet itself has geysers all around the base camp which made photography quite tricky.

During photography the only way to get a group photo featuring all of the ships was to get a SRV on a hilltop high enough to have a sight over thewhole area. Commander BranchesOfSins had to give the SRV a lift on top of his ship which proved to be quite the challenge in itself, but also quite amusing to say the least.

Taking the picture of the gathering turned out to be almost as big of an adventure as the discovery itself though. Getting my SRV on top of that hill for the perfect shot required all of my driving skills and the friendly but stalwart support from an Asp. Compared to this, jumping into a neutron star unexpected has lost some of its horror. (Laughs)
-Cmdr Agh42

A Cutting Viewimg_0069

System name: Dumbaa PS-R c18-2660
Distance from Colonia: 6158.07 ly
Photography Credit: Cmdr 27duuude

During the preparation before the actual photography began, a couple of our eager explorers started taking photos. Some of these provided quite the view of our team up close. Here is one of the many photos.

I’m surprised no one was jettisoned by geysers while we were taking the first picture in such a geologically-active site. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the core for when we cross paths with the Galactic Nebula Expedition.
– Cmdr 27duuude

A MiracleElite_Dangerous_11.13.2016_-_21.31.54.14.png

System name: Dumbaa PS-R c18-2660
Distance from Colonia: 6158.07 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr Mira

I nicknamed this photo in honor of Mira, the photographer. It is one of the many geysers at our basecamp here at Waypoint 3. The photo was taken right as the geyser went off, showing it at it’s most effervescent.

What can I say – chaos and danger is where I tend to wander towards most! With that, of course I’d end up next to a steaming hot geyser blasting off less than a meter away from me.
-Cmdr Mira

Asps In Front Of Thingsunknown.png

System name: Dumbaa XJ-R e4-5596
Distance from Colonia: 6157.69 ly
Photography credit: BranchesOfSins

It’s a commonly-known trend in our galaxy to take a photo with your humble and adventurous Asp in the image. Here is one of those images.

I thought a beautiful photo of the inside of a ravine in the Blue Lilies Nebula would make a nice wallpaper for his ship’s monitor screen.

This nebula was my entire purpose for going onto this expedition – why wouldn’t I take a picture? It would be a crime not to!
-Cmdr BranchesOfSins

Vic Formationejwnymsnwyamanbdgacwy_pjmhuiikrkcglnvhx35vjev93jvkvarfpcjdmomdvy9jq2ui26tlbpkvoxdw6xssip71f5ydriczmkhpacwg7it_manhfhlmnkdgtqggmaaubhl9dvxtxvdyteiy0-fmer4eiycoi4wf8qy4mw1g_kjoi

System name: Dumbaa XJ-R e4-5596
Distance from Colonia: 6157.69 ly
Photography credit: Cmdr 27duuude

Last but certainly not the least, this is the most recent meeting location of our team so far. This is the Blue Lilies Nebula, the original location for the C3E’s third waypoint.

Half the team had left since this location was abandoned, due to the danger of the central neutron star. The bravest of our team took a trip into the system in order to grab some more photos before continuing on in the journey.

I’m thankful for one of the other commanders–whose name escapes me–for lending me an SRV to take the pictures with, as my Diamondback’s hold was full of scanners and repair tools.
– Cmdr 27duuude

That’s it for this edition featuring the Colonia Core Circuit Expedition. Hope you guys and girls all enjoyed and stay tuned for next week!

Sparks out.


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