Colonia Area Systems Naming Pre-Poll

CCN are launching an initiative to rename the populated systems in Colonia.

At present, these are known officially by the procedurally-assigned monikers used by Universal Cartographics. Now that these systems are no longer empty points on humanity’s map, CCN would like to invite the Colony to choose names for our new homes.


Full screen version here

The final choices will be submitted to the Galactic Mapping Project for approval.

Submissions can be made here.


3 thoughts on “Colonia Area Systems Naming Pre-Poll

  1. Would you remove Eol Prou VY-R d4-443 from the poll please? I discovered the system first, and I would rather it not be named through an online poll. I would prefer it if Frontier named my system instead.

    Also, I would recommend looking up the first discoverers of the other systems too, see what they think about this.


    • Although I understand your concern, I don’t think it is relevant. We’re not polling for official names, we’re only polling for more convenient names. It’s up to Frontier to decide what they want to do, and I hardly believe they’ll ever come across the poll.

      Besides, having the tag does not mean you own the system; in both game mechanics and role-play perspectives. You may have discovered it first, but it was then just a random system around Jaques. And you handed over your rights to the future use of the system when you sold the data at Universal Cartographics.

      I would thus invite you to submit a name for it using the link above.


      • I see. First off, for the record, I don’t claim ownership of the system. Also, I assumed you’d be sending the poll’s results to the Galactic Mapping Project, which Frontier have been known to take some names from when (re)naming things in game.

        Since then, I’ve thought about what I would like the star and the system to be called, and decided on Nereus. He’s a Greek mythological deity of the Aegean Sea, and the father of the Nereides. This is to be in keeping with the marine theme of the planet and the outpost’s economy. I’ve submitted this to the Galactic Mapping Project.
        If your poll comes up with a name which I’d agree would be better, then I’ll happily retract or modify my submission there.

        Also, do you happen to have an official source for what you wrote about Universal Cartographics? I thought it was pretty much unmentioned anywhere in lore, so I’m curious about what I might have missed. But it’s not like any of us players represent UC anyway.


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