Cartography Report: Colonia Point

Colonia Point is currently awaiting naming approval from the Galactic Star Map Board.

How low can you go?  Well the answer seems to be ‘very low’.  THAAE PRUAE AA-A H5–otherwise known as Colonia Point–is a twin Wolf Rayet star system at the very boundary between the Milky Way and intergalactic space, resting at 2302.10 ly below Jaques Station.


The Magellanic Clouds framed against the blackness of intergalactic space

Colonia Point is no simple location to reach, however.  It requires making two very large jumps in quick succession: 70 ly followed by a whopping 99.9 ly. Many ships will have to make the final jump on partial fuel, to minimize mass, while still making sure they save enough to jump back out.  The two Wolf Rayet stars in THAAE PRUAE AA-A H5 will offer no fuel for sightseers to sip in the case of an emergency.


From so far down the entire galaxy feels like it is a stone’s throw away.  From Sol to the very core of the galaxy, everything seems within reach.  The vast galactic arms are laid out before any visiting pilot as a bright cloud of star dust.

Normal routing can be used up until THAAE PRUAE HH-V F2-0, at which point visiting pilots will need to use jump boosting materials and manual plotting.

THAAE PRUAE HH-V F2-0 -> (50% boost/70 ly jump)


THAAE PRUAE PO-Q E5-5 -> (100% boost/99.91 ly jump)


If a pilot needs to shed fuel in order to make the final 99.91 ly jump, they can travel between THAAE PRUAE PO-Q E5-3 and THAAE PRUAE PO-Q E5-5.  The distance between the two is around 20 ly so small increments are possible for better planning.


If proper precautions are made Colonia Point is a unique location for pilots to visit.  The distance means that it will remain the domain of Asp Explorers and Anacondas fitted for long range travel, but those capable of making the journey should do so.

Commander Alesia signing out



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