CEI Spotlight: CCN Member Factions

As many know, The Colonia Expansion Initiative (CEI) (direct) begins today.  We will see the first player groups bid for a faction and planetary base to be established in Colonia. There are hundreds of prospective factions to choose from and many are part of CCN family.  Some of these were among the first groups to give active aid to Jaques and the CCN project.

The design of the CEI is such that each commander is given the opportunity to apply for a passport to one of the factions available.  Once pledged, any effort by that commander towards the completion of the community goal will be applied to their passported faction.  This means that CCN factions cannot directly support each other in this initial bid for a settlement. However, the CCN does have a disproportionately large number of unaligned pilots within, and they can help.

As a community-building effort, we here at the Gazette offer you this unbiased overview of the CCN member factions participating in the CEI.  

  • For those that are members of these factions, this is a good opportunity to get to know your future neighbors.
  • If you are independent pilot, if you see a faction that appeals to you and you would like to support the CCN, please apply for a passport for that faction.  Perhaps, your ideals align enough to where you may consider joining one of them and expanding your personal community.

Note: While the passport carries no obligation to actually join said faction, Frontier has made it quite clear that the passports for this effort are semi permanent.  

Passport Application

CCN Member Factions (in alpha order)

Asgard Research
Parent Faction: Asgard Research (Information)

Asgard Research is the division that oversees scientific studies carried out in outer space and/or planets. It includes the use of alien technology for a broad spectrum of research disciplines, including planetary science, archeological sites, secret number stations, unknown artifacts, and more. Asgard Exploration is the division that oversees the ongoing discovery, mapping and exploration of celestial structures in outer space by means of continuously evolving and growing space technology. Asgard Deep Space Industries is their division with global operations, operating in the space technology and resources sectors. Specializing in asteroid and planetary ring mining, materials development extracted from asteroids and planets, including space-based refueling, power, asteroid processing, and manufacturing.


Aurora Colony
Parent Faction: Prismatic Imperium (Information)

Aurora Colony seeks to build on the myriad anti-slavery initiatives of The Prismatic Imperium by establishing a colony granting a fresh start for freed slaves and their supporters away from the politics.  The Prismatic Imperium, together with Twin Candles and other like minded allies, have documented the freedom of several million in-game slaves via official and unofficial community goals around the Uibuth system within the bubble.   

Now that the slave markets are closed (via BGS work) construction is underway for a massive starport within Uibuth to enable safe passage of former slaves out of the bubble.  Aurora Colony is their destination.  Aurora Colony welcomes any support from like minded commanders and those willing to pledge themselves to furthering the abolitionist movement would be welcome as a member of The Prismatic Imperium.


Colonia Exploration and Research
Parent Faction: The First Great Expedition (Information)

CER is the Colonia branch of IGER (Institute of Galactic Exploration and Research), they are looking forward to exploring this new region and working with the Colonia Citizens Network to see what is to be discovered as many of their members arrive from deep space trips and any research projects that are generated.


Explorers’ Nation
Parent Faction: SEPP + Corsarios de Heimdal

Explorer’s Nation is a joint venture between Social Eleu Progressive Party (SEPP) and Corsarios de Heimdel. SEPP is led by Kancro Vantas, who is well-known and respected in the explorer community. Their aim is to establish, grow and maintain a nation of safe, prosperous, Independent, Democratic and Free Systems, for Explorers, Traders, Miners, and all Free Persons of the Galaxy and for commanders looking to learn and play the background simulation. They will remain free of any Power, Alliance, Empire or Federation influence. Colonia appears their best option yet to make this dream a reality.


GalCop Colonial Defense Commission
Parent Faction: GalCop (Information)

GalCop is an abbreviation for the “Galactic Cooperative of Worlds.” They are a less formal version of the Alliance- a large conglomerate of player groups that have banded together to protect the human race against internal and external threats.

When colonization efforts began in Colonia, GalCop was quick to respond. They formed the GalCop Colonial Defense Commission (GCDC) to protect the explorers and settlers in the region, and to defend any future strongholds in the furthest reaches of the galaxy. They liken themselves as the expeditionary naval arm of the Cooperative. Their motto is: “Protecting GalCop’s interests, for Humanity’s future.”


Rock Research Ring
Parent Faction: CCN Miners and Rockrats (Information)

The Rock Research Ring is a loose collective of solid surface scientists bringing together Rock Rats and miners in Colonia. Prospecting the pristine resources of the area and combining the results with data from the whole galaxy it has already improved the way they locate new resources.


Parent Faction: Terran Colonial Forces (Inara)


The Winged Hussars Colonia Initiative
Parent Faction: The Winged Hussars (Information)

The Winged Hussars is a cooperative group of loosely connected pilots, all hailing from different parts of the Galaxy and flying under different banners. Their roots dig deep into the history, almost 1800 years back – to the tradition of heavy armoured assault units fielded in the pre-space era by Earth’s ancient nation of Poland. Pilots joining this faction declare that they want to capture the spirit of all-out bravery and unparalleled courage and efficiency of these ancient warriors from the times long gone. The Winged Hussars’ base of operation is Maskelyne Vision Coriolis Orbital Starport in HR 8444 system.

They promote all in-game activities except griefing and playing in solo mode. As one of founding members of The Border Coalition, they took part in Dangerous Games. You might know several of their pilots from Frontier’s newsletters, where their pictures are published almost weekly.


Thank you for your continued support of the CCN and for those chipping in to support our member groups.

-The Gazette Editors

If there are CCN factions for this cycle that we haven’t included, please leave a comment.

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