Cartography Report : C3E Volcanism 1

With the Colonia Core Circuit Expedition over half way completed, we would like to bring you a compendium of volcanism discovered along the way.  With the proximity of Colonia to the Core we hope that this will provide pilots with interesting places to stop off at for a little relaxation and SRV jumping!

With this first report we will cover volcanism locations found on the Colonia to Sagittarius A* leg of the expedition.  This means that this list will follow the expedition’s progress rather than a straight line between Colonia and the Core.

‘Fuchsia Geyser Field’
LEAMUE WI-F C25-79 AB 1 D  
Coordinates: 73.2845 / 70.7947

The Fuchsia Geyser Field has little going for it in terms of materials, only supplying Molybdenum for ‘standard’ auto-field maintenance unit refills.  However, the 0.3 Earth gravities of the small moon, and the strong eruptions of the water geysers, will send any SRV flying kilometers above the surface.

‘Smelter’s Hollow’
Coordinates: 3.9752 / 48.0668

Smelter’s Hollow is unique for being in a C/N Class star system.  The dull light of the carbon star barely illuminates the moon’s surface.  The crystals at Smelter’s Hollow will yield Arsenic for much-needed FSD boosts.

‘Grinch Geysers’
DUMBAA XT-M B35-154 3 B
Coordinates: -19.3417 / 65.7808

The Grinch Geysers are located in a narrow canyon, in which there is only one small landing spot to touch down.  It is barely big enough to hold an Imperial Cutter so pilots with larger ships may find themselves feathering the thrusters for a few minutes, just to find the perfect spot.  The needle crystals at Grinch Geysers will yield Technetium, though many of the geysers are unreachable, venting horizontally from the near-vertical canyon walls.

‘Smoker’s Hill’
Dumbaa NH-T C17-5367 5 B A
Coordinates: 9.9703 / 162.7258


A typical Silicate Geyser location with towers of rock forming from the expelled vapours.  Smoker’s Hill will yield Germanium for those pilots needing basic FSD boost materials.

‘Lovell Canyon’
Dumbaa PS-R c18-2660 10 A
Coordinates: 44.53 / 4.91


Located just outside the Simmic Kyloaln Nebula, Lovell Canyon served as the first basecamp for C3E.  The location has carbon dioxide geysers, some of which have useful Niobium in crystals that grow there.

‘Sun Shelter Hollow’
ATHAIP IH-D C28-507 1
Coordinates: -3.6550 / -98.5361


Sun Shelter Hollow hides away in a dark alcove of a tiny metal-rich planet orbiting just 8 light seconds from its parent Class M star.  The bright light of the sun coupled with the absolute darkness in which many of the area’s geysers hide provides visitors with a stunning location to explore.  The crystals at Sun Shelter Hollow may also supply Arsenic.

‘Star Gazer Basin’
WEPAI UV-L D8-9248 A 3
Coordinates:  -44.9255 / 45.0876

A Silicate Magma volcanism location, Stargazer Basin is located in the middle of a relatively flat area with a shallow impact crater that houses the fumaroles.  The needle crystals at this location will provide Ruthenium, a very rare material needed for Grade 3 auto field maintenance unit refills.

Cmdr Alesia signing off.



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